Portrait of society: the sculpture of the Mexica people

In their sculptural production, the Mexica used the human figure as a fundamental artistic pattern, with which they achieved a portrait of their society. Through the monumental stone sculptures, it is possible to identify with indigenous ancestors who established the foundations of nationality.

The Origins of the Mexican Army in the Pre-Hispanic Era

War was common in pre-Hispanic settlements, war was part of the organization for the defense and domination over other societies; such activity was at its peak during the post-classic period (approximately between 900 and 1521), a process immediately after the Conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan.

Pre-Hispanic public education in Mexico

In Mexico, public education dates back to ancient times, as nomadic societies, with a rudimentary culture, transmitted incipient agricultural knowledge to young people, as well as the rudiments of hunting, fishing, and gathering, which were essential for survival in those cultures.