Video game industry grows 9.1% in Mexico

The videogame industry showed an annual growth of 9.1% in 2018. According to the consultant The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU), the market value of the industry in Mexico was 27 thousand 032 million pesos.

Of this amount, 85.9% (23 thousand 220 million pesos) was generated through the sale of traditional consoles, of which 12 thousand 408 million pesos come from the sale of games and 10 thousand 813 million pesos in hardware.

In addition, the consultant noted that 8.2% of revenues are obtained by mobile devices and 5.9% by the sale of computer games. He added that the sale of physical consoles is a key piece of revenue since it generates four out of 10 pesos of the total industry.

On the other hand, the firm's experts point out that the increasing use of the internet has modified the industry since 70% of fixed console users connect to the network when playing.

Of this percentage, two out of three do so to interact with other people remotely while 17% do so to download free or paid games.

Finally, the CIU highlighted the importance of eSports in Mexico, since they have begun to be relevant. In 2018, 9% of the players competed in a video game tournament while 10.6% saw video game channels on the internet and 4.8% attended tournaments as a spectator.

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The use of the internet has also modified the industry, since 70% of users connect to the network to play. Photo: Flickr
The use of the internet has also modified the industry, since 70% of users connect to the network to play. Photo: Flickr

Videogames, a business that leaves millions in Mexico

Video games have become one of the most profitable businesses on the planet and Mexico is the first place in the Latin American market, said the expert Rebeca Vanesa García Corzo.

The Academic Secretary of the University Center of the Lakes (CULagos), said that in March 2017 this market exceeded 100 billion dollars, and recorded a growth of more than 50 percent in just five years, which makes it an area attractive work

At a press conference to announce the new career in Video Games Engineering at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), he said that in Mexico this entertainment modality recorded revenues of more than one billion dollars, which places him in position 12 of the ranking worldwide in this area, and in the first place in Latin America.

"This market is led by video games for mobile devices, with 42 percent; followed by video games for consoles, with 31 percent and for computers, with 27 percent, which includes download and browser, "said García Corzo.

The CULagos and the University Center of the Coast (CUCosta), with headquarters in Puerto Vallarta, will offer this competition starting next August, during the 2019-B calendar. In this way, the UdeG offers more innovative educational options that contribute to the creative economies in the country, said the director of the Engineering Division of the CUCosta, José Ignacio Chavoya Gama.

The Head of the Department of Exact Sciences and Technologies of CULagos, Dr. Jesus Castañeda Contreras, explained that those who pursue this career will not only program a complete video game but also design virtual environments in 2D and 3D focused on research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

"Graduates will have the ability to design, program and publish a complete game, as well as maintain and create environments, systems and interactive virtual experiences, with training linked to research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Serious video games and virtual reality represent a sector of a growing industry, where modern games with technological support are used in areas such as medicine, education and the automotive industry, just to mention a few," explained Castañeda Contreras.

He added that this race seeks to impact the entertainment sector, but also in the sectors of industry and health through virtual reality systems, in the areas of research, with the development of applications and simulators. In programming for the entertainment industry; in software with medical applications; in the design and advice of business and videogame distributors, and in entrepreneurship with the design of solutions for companies.

The registration period for this race was extended in the CULagos until March 15, although up to now it registers about 80 applicants; while in the CUCosta the inscriptions closed, due to the fact that there were more than 100 applications that exceeded the expectations of the university authorities.

Those interested should go to the School Control Unit of one of the two offices of CULagos (Lagos de Moreno and San Juan de los Lagos) to make their application for registration.

Videogames industry in Mexico

The constant growth of the video game industry in Mexico, which generates around 32 billion pesos, was reflected in the participation achieved in the fourth edition of the National Video Game Contest, as the number of people registered increased more than four times. going from 143 developers in 2015 to 651 in 2018, from 8-year-old children to university students and professionals in the industry, who competed in different categories.

Video games have become the industry that grows the most in the world, even above sectors such as sports, music, and film, and also more than these three together, said Héctor Guerrero, judge of the contest and director of the Laboratory of Games of the Digital Culture Center, where the award ceremony took place.

The international video game market is estimated at 40 billion dollars, but Mexico does not even rank first among the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, said Kiyoshi Tsuru, representative in Mexico of entertainment software association (ESA), organizer of the contest together with the Mexican Association of Video Games (AMV).

Paul Lara, the driver of Hacker TV, was the one who argued that this market already has 32 billion pesos in Mexico. He stressed that the videogame contest has developed so much that the participants of this last edition came from 15 states of the country and although men predominate, the participation of women has also grown since it represented 2 percent of all participants in 2015 went up to 15 percent last year and even some of them were awarded in this edition.

He asserted that women are the ones who buy the most videogames, but for the use of smartphones, and mentioned that there are developers who already earn more than football players in the NFL. He even commented that for the 2020 Olympics, video games will be included as an exhibition.

The first place of the contest was developed by the team of professionals called Ennui Estudio with the game Chains of Vallhalla. In addition to 100 thousand pesos, the authors of the project will represent Mexico at E3, an international videogame expo that takes place in Los Angeles in June, one of the most important in the world, together with another one that takes place in Japan.

Juan Lozano Tovar, director of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), exhorted the children and young contestants to register all their creations that add to their video games, ranging from the same name that they put up and design logos, music and the program, so that, he said, they can "market them and prevent them from being shot".

While he said that there has always been a certain level of misunderstanding since the Atari existed for people who play because it is considered that they waste time, he stressed that "half of the population is 'gamer' or is associated with this industry."

But it is an industry of talent and creativity that has had a spectacular growth, which is no longer associated with the maquila or other sectors, and which will be predominant in the future.

"My message is that they use intellectual property instruments, especially if they like and want to dedicate themselves to this as a way of life and entrepreneurship," the official said.

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