Mexico in 2020: Latest stories

The circumstances in which the femicides of Ingrid Escamilla and the girl Fatima were committed in Mexico City led some senators to analyze the pros and cons of the application of the death penalty in the country.

Jeremy Jackson, an analyst of the sector, says that mobile games will be the fastest-growing segment in Mexico in the coming years. The sector does not have enough support and is a gold mine with all options to be exploited.

In Tulum the residential market is growing a lot because there are very attractive opportunities for investors, said Laura Quintanilla, product manager of the developer MIRA, a company that participated in the Quintana Roo Tourism Investment Summit 2020 in recent days.

The purpose of healthy nutrition advice for vegetarians is to inform the basic principles of a balanced diet for healthy adults with moderate physical activity following a vegetarian diet. These recommendations include dietary advice for ovolacto-vegetarians who have excluded meat, fish and seafood from their diet, as well as foods based on meat,...

The sale of Fox Sports Mexico and the current co-owner of the chain, Disney, has two offers to make the transaction, which already has the endorsement of the agency responsible for authorizing it, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), so everything has been directed to choose the most convenient way.