The governments of Mexico and the United States announced an agreement to extend 30 days more restrictions on non-essential land travel on their common border to combat the spread of the coronavirus in both countries. Canada has done the same this week for its southern neighbor, the United States, by closing its land borders until June 21.

The first ventilator totally made in Mexico

Since COVID-19 cases began to increase in the United States, Mexico had to resort to buying ventilators. The lack of medical equipment put the country at a disadvantage in facing the crisis. This device is basic for the treatment of infected patients. It was purchased from countries such as China and Germany. But a team of Mexicans decided to get to work to create the first ventilator made entirely in Mexico.

The best part is that this ventilator went from being a prototype to being ready for patients. Doctors, biomedical engineers, and surgeons from the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition are the authors of this achievement. They plan to create 1,500 more ventilators to donate to health institutions in Mexico.

The name of the model is VSZ-20 to refer to the institute where they designed it. In addition, most of the pieces used are made in Mexico, which is key, since it reduces the risk of shortage. In total, it would cost 10 thousand dollars, which represents half of the average cost of each fan abroad.