According to state authorities at the moment only visitors can enjoy the beaches in Cancun, but it seems that not everyone is happy with this decision and for proof, we have this video where Mexican sharks decide to run out of the sea foreign tourists, who had the intention of taking a good dip in the crystalline waters, however, instead...

This week the first sales of monumental and emblematic lodgings in the besieged hotel zone of Cancun began to be announced on the Internet, from Gran Turismo, Five Star, and Four Star hotels, to cabins and residences facing the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Two crocodiles starred in a furious fight inside a golf course in Cancun, surprising foreign tourists who were playing at the time, who could not believe this unusual and unexpected situation that occurred a few meters from where they were located, decided to immortalize the moment with a video.

A Quintana Roo ecosystem that has survived 10,000 years could come to an end with the Mayan Train project, warns a document from the Center for Social Studies and Public Opinion of the Chamber of Deputies. It is the system of cenotes and stromatolites of Bacalar Lagoon.