Family cooking: Zucchini Rancheras with Steak Tips Recipe

Whether you are on a diet or not, taste this Zucchini Rancheras with Steak Tips made with local products, fresh, and above all with lots of love.

Family cooking: Zucchini Rancheras with Steak Tips Recipe
Zucchini. Photo by Louis Hansel / Unsplash

Lucía Mejía Calderón, Licha as she is known to her customers, has been cooking at Mercado 20 Melchor Ocampo in the Roma neighborhood for nearly 50 years. It was her mother who started cooking here, and little by little she, her sister, and brother continued the business. It is a job in which everyone participates, from going to buy the ingredients, cooking, cleaning and dispatching, all as a family, and as good cooks they know where to buy their products. From very early in the morning they go to the Central de Abasto to buy most of the fresh and seasonal products they will need to prepare their dishes, but also in the market where they work they get vegetables at good prices and of very good quality.

Licha's years of cooking have given her the experience to prepare the menu that day by day, seven days a week, she prepares for her diners. She even prepares dishes to the taste of her customers, not only for those who have been with her for a long time but also for the new diners who require a specific diet that she and her brothers and sisters like. This is why Licha encourages everyone to take a walk to eat in the markets, where you can find healthy food because it is made fresh daily, with fresh products, for all needs and tastes. In them you can find a variety of food from all over the country, even international, like Cuban and Colombian, so whether you are on a diet or not, take a walk to eat with Licha and taste homemade food made with local products, fresh and above all with lots of love.

Zucchini Rancheras with Steak Tips Recipe


1 kg of diced zucchini
2 garlic slices
1/2 medium onion finely chopped
1 shelled corn
1 kg of diced tomatoes
1 branch of epazote
2 poblano peppers sliced in slices
1 kg of beef tips
Table salt


In a saucepan, with a tablespoon of oil, fry the meat. Add the garlic, salt, onion, corn kernels and let them cook a little. Add the poblano peppers sliced in slices, the zucchini, and the epazote sprig. Gradually add the tomato, allowing time for it to cook. Cover and let it cook.

Source: Revista Del Consumidor 527, Profeco