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Mexicanist is a business and cultural portal in two languages, English and Spanish. We are creating ethical and fact-based publications that are reliable information for any of our users. Social policy and analysis emphasizing democratic values and promoting social cohesion are our priority, but the content of business, lifestyle, culture and other topics is also developed.

The portal has three main audiences:

International visitors, whom we address in English, strengthening visitor information space.

Mexican nationals who have emigrated from Mexico, who are spoken in Spanish and English languages, thereby allowing them to remain connected with Mexico and informing them about the state of current affairs.

Foreign residents, media and other institutions to which we provide unbiased information about what is happening in Spanish in English.

We are also experimenting with selected content translations in more languages, which remains a work in progress.

The portal also offers the "Guest post" section, where views, individual vision or observations of social media workers or editorial-related authors are published. The social media profiles of the authors and organizations, and their content is the responsibility of the authors themselves.

Our monthly unique visitor number as of March 2020 is 50 000, with 85% coming from the United States, followed by Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Editorial Team and Content Creators

Contributing Online English Content Editor:

Valerijs Jakovlevs



Contributing Online Spanish Content Editor: 

Maximiliano Balboa


Content by Agencies: Notimex, local media, guest content

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Mexicanist.com continues to have a number of topics and regions that we are not able to fully reflect. We are also open to listening to ideas on how to reach wider audiences and how to improve our work. Thank you.


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