Mexico is key in rescuing natural vanilla production


Mexico, a major producer of natural vanilla whose potential production of about 4,100 tons, is key to the rescue, revaluation, and promotion of this native product of this country, the Mexican government reported Friday.

Mexico has become a key player in rescuing natural vanilla production
Mexico has become a key player in rescuing natural vanilla production

"It is up to us to rescue this diversity of species of Mexican origin. We are talking about more than 60 species domesticated in the national territory, where the vanilla stands out, which is an orchid, with a cultural and economic value for small producers in the country," said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader), Victor Villalobos.

On this day, Villalobos launched the National Project and Native Plants for Food and Agriculture, whose main objective is to promote the development of rural communities through the sustainable use of native species.

Vanilla, Mexico's emblematic product, "represents an essential part of the culture of an entire region and, with this project, its economic impact will be used to benefit rural communities," with recognition of the role of women in the plant's production process, she said.

Villalobos said that Mexico "is an important producer of high-quality natural vanilla, which is why it is key to rescue, revalue and boost production," not only as an asset but as part of an economic income in highly marginalized areas.

The official recalled that Mexico has given the world more than 60 species that today are the basis of agriculture and food, such as corn, vanilla, cocoa, amaranth, jicama, tomato, chili, avocado, and beans, among others.

The Undersecretary of Agriculture, Miguel Garcia Winder, said that vanilla offers "the opportunity to merge scientific knowledge with ancestral knowledge" and will allow combining actions to enhance its production in more than 7 thousand hectares and potential production of about 4 thousand 100 tons.

He said that this will benefit the more than 4 thousand families in the country who live from the cultivation of vanilla, with the planting of 874 hectares and potential production of 562 tons in 2018.

He explained that there are 39 municipalities in Veracruz and Puebla that produce vanilla, however, there are nine states with production potential: San Luis Potosi, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Nayarit, Oaxaca and Tabasco, among others, with which would reach 5 thousand hectares of cultivation.

By Mexicanist Source EFE