A few days ago, the most recent results of the Global Drug Survey were published, an international survey that analyzes the use of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and various drugs. Since Mexicans are often associated with partying and often make all kinds of jokes about it, you probably already imagined that Mexico would be among the "drunkest" countries in the world. However, the study says something very different.

Global Drug Survey is a company based in London, England, which has been conducting this survey for almost a decade. Here are their results with respect to alcohol. The most recent survey was conducted between November and December 2019, months before the Covid-19 pandemic. Information was gathered from 110,000 people from some thirty countries; 94% said they had drunk alcohol in the last 12 months.

For the purposes of this survey, the company defined "drunk" as "having drunk so much that your physical and mental faculties were impaired to a point where your balance and speech were affected, you were unable to concentrate on certain things in a conversation, and your behaviors were noticeably different with people who know you."

Using such a definition, only 16% of respondents reported not getting drunk in the past year. The worldwide average was 21 times in a 12-month span (mostly for men under 25 and the number was lower for women over 25). English-speaking European countries and the Scandinavian peninsula ranked highest, i.e., their inhabitants get drunk more frequently. The Latin American countries that participated in the survey came in last.

Mexico ranked 29th, with an average of 10 "binges" in a year. It only beat Portugal (9.3), Argentina (6.9), and Colombia (6.5).

The top 10

1. Scotland - 33.8 times, on average, its residents got drunk in a 12-month period.

2. England - 33.7 times

3. Australia - 31.8 times

4. Denmark - 31.3 times

5. Finland - 30.4 times

6. United States - 27.1 times

7. Canada - 26.5 times

8. Ireland - 25.9 times

9. France - 25.9 times

10. Brazil - 21.6 times

On average, global survey participants said they regretted drinking 30% of the time. The most common behaviors associated with "binge drinking" were drinking too much and too quickly, mixing drinks, and being with people who drink a lot of alcohol.

Being "raw" or hungover was the main reason respondents regretted drinking. This was followed by "saying something that under normal conditions they would not have said". On the other hand, these are the top 10 countries whose inhabitants said they did not get drunk at all.

1. Portugal - 54% of the participants in the survey.

2. Argentina - 48%.

3. Colombia - 40%.

4. Mexico - 37% 5.

5. Spain - 34% 6.

6. New Zealand - 25% 7.

7. South Africa - 24% 8.

8. Slovakia - 18% 9.

9. Greece - 18% 10.

10. Germany - 17%.