Amado Nervo Auditorium Serves Up Elite Volleyball

Tepic, Mexico's Amado Nervo Auditorium defies tradition, hosting the FIVB's Elite 16 beach volleyball tourney indoors on 2 courts. This unique venue with passionate fans and stellar facilities has become a favorite among players and the FIVB.

Amado Nervo Auditorium Serves Up Elite Volleyball
Tepic's Amado Nervo Auditorium erupts in cheers during the FIVB Elite 16 beach volleyball tournament. Credit: CONADE

The World Tour of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) takes the best beach players around the world, with tournaments held in different venues, among which the Amado Nervo Auditorium is the only one in two consecutive years with the capacity to host an Elite 16 on two indoor courts.

The property located in Tepic, Nayarit, was inaugurated in 2013 and has an area of 468 square meters, a height of 35 meters and the capacity to receive 12 thousand seated spectators.

The Elite 16 in Tepic is the tournament with the highest level of this sport, only behind the Olympic Games and the World Championship of the specialty (which last year was held in Tlaxcala).

The technical characteristics allowed the FIVB to decide on this property to organize an Elite 16 in 2023, which was a success in all aspects: sporting, organizational and social. That is why the international organization repeated the formula this year with the same competition.

On the FIVB World Tour there are other venues where you can play indoors, such as the Am Rothenbaum, a stadium located in Hamburg, Germany, with the capacity to receive 10,000 people and which is normally used for tennis matches. However, in this facility only a beach court can be set up indoors.

The Amado Nervo Auditorium in Tepic has two indoor courts, a warm-up court outside the building, a recovery area and locker rooms. The organization, infrastructure, public response and recognition of visiting athletes are factors for Mexico to be considered one of the FIVB's preferred destinations.