The Best Spice Storage Hacks You Haven't Tried

Make use of unique storage solutions for an organized and fun kitchen. Mini drawer organizers tame packets and odd-shaped spices. Baking pans offer a visual “spice library,” while tiered lazy Susans put every flavor within easy reach.

The Best Spice Storage Hacks You Haven't Tried
Ditch the boring spice rack! Embrace these unusual solutions.

Every so often, the most frustrating part of cooking can be finding that specific spice amidst a disorganized jumble. You know it's in that cupboard… somewhere. Your hand brushes away jars of oregano and thyme. Where on earth can that elusive paprika be hiding? When it comes to spices, a little organization goes a long way, turning the hunt for the right ingredient into an effortless, even enjoyable, part of the cooking ritual.

But achieving spice storage glory isn't about expensive custom shelving or matching rows of gleaming jars. With a little ingenuity, everyday objects become surprisingly perfect havens for those dried herbs, seeds, and powders that spark flavor in our lives.

First, ditch the conventional notions of where and how spices “should” be kept. Traditional spice racks are a bit of a misnomer—most aren't racks at all, but tiny cupboards that hide your treasures away. Instead, consider three out-of-the-ordinary solutions that transform how you store—and experience—your spice collection:

1. The Multi-Tasking Office Organizer

You know those adorable little drawer organizers aimed at taming pens, paper clips, and stray thumbtacks? Surprisingly, they're absolute rockstars when it comes to spices. The shallow drawers are the perfect height for those frustrating spice packets that have an annoying habit of toppling over.

Oddly shaped spices, like those elegant vanilla bean pods, can finally lie flat, easily visible. Bags of peppercorns, which tend to slump sadly in jars, are kept upright and tidy. The best part is you can customize it completely. Dedicate a section to your most-used “everyday” spices, then give baking spices their own drawer – no more cinnamon infiltrating your savory blends!

2. Baking Pan Effectiveness

Raid your baking cabinet for a couple of square or rectangular cake pans. Line the bottom of each pan with your spice jars, ensuring the labels face upwards. Now it's easy to spot what you need at a glance. For a touch of whimsy, label the short ends of the pans themselves – “Spicy & Hot”, “Fragrant Baking,” or be even more creative.

No drawers in those high cupboards? No problem. Your “spice pans” slide easily onto shelves. They even stack, transforming awkward high-up spaces into valuable real estate.

3. The Lazy Susan – A Workhorse Revisited

It's no secret that the mighty lazy Susan offers a fantastic storage solution. Tiered options fit snugly in cabinets and spin effortlessly, so spices are accessible with a quick twirl. It's a classic for good reason.

But don't limit your thinking to those premade spice carousels. Repurpose any multi-level lazy Susan. Tiered plant stands or those aimed at nail polish offer great customizable options. Get playful with colors and textures—wicker, metal, even brightly painted wood— to give your cabinet a personality boost.

An Ever-Expanding Library of Flavor

The best part about this non-traditional approach is its incredible adaptability. Your unique flavor preferences, kitchen size, quirks, and budget are all easily accommodated. Unlike a pre-determined rack, your storage options evolve alongside your ever-expanding culinary adventures.

Got a soft spot for those delicate saffron threads? A mini drawer organizer provides a protective nest. Acquired a new exotic blend? Toss it in a baking pan, or whirl it into the collection on your lazy Susan.

With a little creative resourcefulness, the kitchen puzzle of spice storage becomes an opportunity to create a delightful expression of your cooking style. And you finally get to spend less time searching and more time savoring those astounding flavor combinations.