The most anticipated series arriving in September on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Disney+

As September arrives, the streaming giants are bringing forward the list of productions that will be added to their catalog. Top series coming in September from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Disney+.

The most anticipated series arriving in September on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Disney+
The Set of Keys - Season 2. Image: Amazon Prime

With the arrival of September, the streaming giants are announcing the list of productions that will be added to their catalog. Some of the most eagerly awaited series are coming in September from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Disney+.


La Casa de Papel - Season 5

The latest adventure of the hit Spanish series arrives in two parts of five episodes each, the first with a premiere date for this Friday and the second on December 3. The first part will resolve many of the unknowns about the season 4 finale: from what finally happens to the Professor, to the outcome of the Bank of Spain heist.

Sex Education - Season 3

The third season of one of Netflix's most successful British series premieres on September 17. The students of Moordale are not going to have an easy start to the school year, now they have a new headmistress: Hope Haddon, a woman determined to return to the center the excellence it had in the past. Thus, Otis, Maeve, Eric and company will have to face important changes such as wearing a uniform, a new student body and new extracurricular activities.

Midnight Mass

With seven episodes to be released, Mike Flanagan's new horror series can be enjoyed starting September 24. In this story, the arrival of an attractive priest on a remote island causes the inhabitants to begin experiencing strange phenomena. To discover what is happening, the community will have to find out what the priest is hiding and also the origin of the events.

Lucifer - Season 6

"No evil lasts forever" so announces Netflix the end of the American series starring Tom Ellis, which will hit the screen next September 10. In the trailer for the sixth season, consisting of 10 episodes, you can see the protagonist of the series ready to assume his place as God, but facing a new enemy who will not forgive so easily the mistakes of his past.

Disney +

The Life of Doug

With a premiere date for this Wednesday, a new children's series will bring back the lovable characters from the movie "Up". This time the protagonist will be Doug, a friendly, homely dog who will encounter various adventures in his day-to-day life.

Wild Argentina

National Geographic's new documentary series, premiering this Friday, will take viewers to see the wild biodiversity of northern and southern Argentina.

Holly Hobbie - Season 2

The second part of the successful American series arrives on September 8. The story tells the life of a young singer from Collinsville, USA, who dreams of saving the world while facing the challenges of growing up.

Amazon Prime

Voltaire High

The series set in France during the year 1963, hits the screen on September 10. The plot takes place at Voltaire High, which has agreed, for the first time in its history, to allow girls to attend its classes. A group of 11 girls will arrive at a school full of boys in the most complicated stage of their lives: adolescence.

The Set of Keys - Season 2

On September 16, the second season of the famous Mexican series arrives on Amazon Prime. Four couples from Mexico City decide to give a little passion to their relationship and make a love exchange. The plot explores their approach to the world of swinging.


What We Do in the Shadows - Season 3

The third U.S. season of Jemaine Clement's nonsensical comedy arrives Friday, which will explore Guillemo De La Cruz's open-ended plot left hanging. Meanwhile, Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja will continue to do their thing, proving that a traditional vampire can have a great time in the 21st century.

The Third Day

The British miniseries starring Jude Law will premiere on September 15. Sam is a man who is drawn to a mysterious island off the British coast. There he will encounter inhabitants who are dedicated to maintaining their traditions no matter what the cost. The line between reality and fantasy begins to blur from the first moment the protagonist sets foot on the island.

We are who we are

A new Italian miniseries is coming to HBO on September 15. The 8-episode film tells the story of two American teenagers coming of age while living on a U.S. military base in Italy.