President López Obrador Rants Against the Media and Corruption

President López Obrador's morning address calls out the media's manipulation and vows to fight corruption. He celebrates reducing inequality and aims to transform Mexico with transparency and dedication. The Fourth Transformation is just beginning!

President López Obrador Rants Against the Media and Corruption
A confident President López Obrador calls out media manipulation and celebrates his government's achievements in tackling inequality.

In a spirited morning address, President López Obrador took on the media, corruption, inequality, and the challenges his administration faces. Boldly stating that “happiness is not about accumulating money,” the President highlighted his government's focus on reducing inequality and fighting corruption. With a touch of humor, he went on to dismiss media critics, UFO enthusiasts, and those who prefer “air-filled chips.”

Media Manipulation and People's Awareness

At 7:25 am sharp, President López Obrador kicked off his morning address. He took the media to task, alleging they serve the interests of a select few, while the Mexican people remain among the most politically aware and illiterate in the world—talk about a paradox!