President López Obrador's Mayan Train Dreams to Reignite the Southeast's Tourism

President López Obrador's morning conference covered a range of topics. From sharing musical recommendations to announcing the Fifth Government Report in Campeche, he addressed the Mayan Train project, media bias, border issues, and more.

President López Obrador's Mayan Train Dreams to Reignite the Southeast's Tourism
President López Obrador illustrates the potential tourist flow in the southeast, envisioning a vibrant future with the Mayan Train as a catalyst for economic growth and cultural exploration.

President López Obrador made an exciting announcement during the conference regarding his upcoming Fifth Government Report. On September 1st, he plans to deliver the report in the beautiful state of Campeche. But here's where it gets interesting—after the report, he will embark on a supervisory tour of the highly anticipated Mayan Train project. Talk about multitasking!

The President's journey doesn't end there. Once the report is delivered, he will hop aboard the Mayan Train itself, destined for Mérida, Yucatán. But the adventure doesn't stop there either. The following day, President López Obrador plans to continue his exploration by taking the Mayan Train to the awe-inspiring Chichen Itzá. This visit is aimed at immersing himself in the regional archeological rescue efforts and learning more about the cultural treasures of the area.

And as if that wasn't enough, the President will then travel on the train to the dazzling city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, where he will inaugurate some magnificent works. The Mayan Train project is clearly on the move, and President López Obrador is determined to witness its progress firsthand.

President Exposes Alleged Financing

In a startling revelation, President López Obrador accused the "pseudo-environmentalists" of being financed by the very companies responsible for ecocides in the southeast of the country. "I have proof that they have given them money," he boldly declared. The President emphasized that the Mayan Train's route has already obtained 100% right of way, dismissing any doubts surrounding the project's legitimacy.

Boosting Tourism and Economy

President López Obrador fervently believes that the Mayan Train project will not only transform the economy of the southeast but also provide opportunities for the communities residing near the mega project. By enabling these communities to thrive through tourism, the President aims to break the region's reliance on oil.

The President emphasized that the Mayan Train's route will open doors to explore lesser-known ecosystems, such as the tropical rainforest. He passionately expressed his desire to see Chetumal reborn and highlighted the potential impact of the Mayan Train on the region's tourism flow. He illustrated the numbers, stating that if 10% of the 30 million visitors to Cancun decide to journey south, that's 3 million tourists already reactivating the area.

Secretary of Government's Advertisements in Veracruz

Turning his attention to Veracruz, President López Obrador addressed the advertisements placed by Secretary of Government Eric Cisneros Burgos. In a direct message, the President stated that if the official intends to run for any elected office, he should resign from his current position. The President's uncompromising stance reflects his commitment to transparency and accountability within his government.

President's Neutral Stance and Respect for Autonomy

In response to questions about former PAN governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, President López Obrador emphasized that his administration does not aim to defend Yunes. Acknowledging the existence of accusations against Yunes in the Prosecutor's Office, the President affirmed the autonomy of the legal system. He made it clear that his government has no intention of engaging in political persecution, choosing instead to let the legal processes run their course.

President's Take on Journalism

The ever-vigilant President López Obrador called out several media outlets and journalists for acting in the service of vested interests and writing against his administration. He attributed this change in behavior to the cessation of economic support that these entities had become accustomed to during past administrations. He even humorously mentioned the extreme measure of some administrations buying entire issues of magazines. With a light-hearted touch, the President highlighted the need for unbiased journalism in the country.

Chiapas Battling the Legacy of Violence

Addressing the issue of violence in Chiapas, President López Obrador shed light on the state's current situation. Contrary to popular belief, he emphasized that Chiapas does not suffer from high rates of violence. In fact, as of May 2023, it ranked 26th in intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. The President attributed much of the ongoing violence to the legacy of a "narco-state" that Mexico has been striving to overcome. By confronting this past and working toward a peaceful future, the President aims to build a safer and more prosperous Chiapas.

Opposition Candidates for Governance

The President unveiled the opposition candidate for governing Mexico City, Santiago Taboada, who currently serves as the mayor of Benito Juarez. President López Obrador explained that Taboada was chosen due to his strong support base among the right-leaning majority in Benito Juarez. The President also shared insights into the selection process for Xóchitl Gálvez, who was chosen by opposition leaders as their presidential candidate. However, the President expressed skepticism, suggesting that her popular image, including her upbringing in a Hidalgo community and her colloquial speaking style, might not necessarily equate to genuine care for the people.

Border Problems in Los Chimalapas Jungle

Concerns about border problems in the Los Chimalapas jungle region—spanning Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Veracruz—were brought to the President's attention. He acknowledged the complexity of the situation, particularly after a Supreme Court ruling that favored Oaxaca. This ruling would alter the boundaries, resulting in three municipalities of Chiapas and part of Veracruz being incorporated into Oaxaca. To find a resolution, the President stated that discussions were underway to establish a protected natural reserve zone in the disputed area, even if it means conceding the land to Oaxaca.

Elections 2024

With an eye on the upcoming 2024 elections, President López Obrador urged patience and emphasized the importance of Morena's internal process in selecting a presidential candidate. While the doors of his Cabinet remain open, the President made it clear that the final decision would depend on the outcome of the internal process and the choices made by the aspirants. On the other side of the political spectrum, the opposition block's selection of Xóchitl Gálvez as their presidential candidate was met with the President's predictable and obvious commentary. He playfully claimed that their actions were already "loaded" and expressed a sense of amusement at their predictability.

Mexicana Airlines

In a piece of positive news, President López Obrador announced that a judge has dismissed the legal obstacles preventing the sale of Mexicana de Aviación. The President expressed his joy at this development, highlighting that the workers will now receive payment for the sale of the airline's assets. The President also mentioned that a one billion peso appraisal has been conducted, and the new state airline is expected to start flying on December 1st of this year. President López Obrador shared his hope of personally delivering the payment to the workers, making it clear that the checks will be personalized—a nice gesture indeed.

Congratulations to Athletes

President López Obrador took a moment to recognize the remarkable achievement of the Mexican delegation at the Central American Olympic Games. The President proudly announced that Mexico won a total of 353 medals, including a record-breaking 145 gold medals. To show his appreciation, the President expressed his intention to receive the athletes at the National Palace for a ceremony of recognition and to provide support to the members of the sports delegation who represented Mexico in San Salvador.

Loss of a Journalist and More Information to Come

Amidst the morning conference, President López Obrador expressed his deep regret over the death of Porfirio Muñoz Ledo. Furthermore, he shared the unfortunate news of one of the three journalists kidnapped in Nayarit being murdered. Promising to provide further information the following day, the President conveyed his condolences on behalf of the authorities.

Archaeological Salvage of the Mayan Train

The President invited archaeologist Diego Prieto, the head of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), to report on the archaeological salvage efforts in Section 2 of the Mayan Train. Prieto highlighted the significant progress made in recovering various real estate properties, and movable properties, and analyzing over 300,000 ceramic sherds. The archaeological zones of Edzná and Xcalumnkín, located in this section, have also witnessed progress in research and signage. These findings underscore the rich cultural heritage that the Mayan Train project seeks to preserve.

Delivery Schedule and Testing for the Mayan Train

Exciting news emerged regarding the delivery of trains for the Mayan Train project. According to Alstom, the first of the 42 trains is currently undergoing unpackaging and coupling for initial tests. Two more trains are set to be delivered in August, followed by three additional trains in September. By December, a total of 13 trains are expected to be delivered. Alstom explained that the Mayan Train will be tested at speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour, surpassing its operational speed of 160 kilometers per hour. The rigorous testing will ensure the train's efficiency under various weather conditions and on different types of curves.

First Carriage Arrives as Section 2 Progresses

In a significant milestone, the first car of the Mayan Train reached Cancun, Quintana Roo, after a journey that spanned 10 states. This arrival marks the beginning of static and dynamic tests for the train. Meanwhile, the construction progress in Section 2 of the Mayan Train is worth noting. With 156 kilometers of finished track, 297 completed transversal drainage works out of the projected 325, and 153 crosswalks completed out of 208, the section is well on its way. The Mayan Train continues to advance, ensuring a bright future for transportation and tourism in the region.

Fuel Prices and Basic Food Basket

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, the Federal Consumer Attorney, shared the latest updates on fuel prices and the basic food basket. The average price of magna gasoline was reported to be 22.32 pesos, while Premium stood at 24.44 pesos, and diesel at 23.68 pesos. In addition, 310 verification visits were made to gas stations across the country, addressing 226 complaints received through the Litro por Litro app.

Regarding LP gas, the price reached 15.80 pesos per kilo for a cylinder and 8.53 pesos per liter for stationary gas as of July 5th. Sheffield Padilla also highlighted the downward trend in the prices of the 24 products included in the basic food basket, offering relief to consumers.

Remittances Surge

President López Obrador shared uplifting news about remittances. On average, families are receiving $350 per month, with a total of 5,693.1 million dollars in remittances recorded for May—an impressive increase of 71.60% compared to the previous year. As for the best option for sending remittances in cash, ULINK claimed the top spot, while XOOM ranked last.

The morning conference wrapped up with President López Obrador covering a wide range of topics, from cultural preservation and transportation projects to music recommendations and sporting achievements. With his distinctive style, the President's morning conferences continue to captivate and inform the public, offering a blend of facts, updates, and occasional quirky moments that keep everyone engaged.

Musical Recommendation

In a delightful twist to end the morning conference, President López Obrador continued his tradition of sharing musical recommendations, aimed at steering young people away from songs that promote consumerism, drug use, and weapons. Today's featured song was "El Poder de Tus Manos" by the popular band Intocable. With his taste in music, the President aims to bring a positive influence to the youth through the power of melody.

"El Poder de Tus Manos" by Intocable