New Addition to the Monterrey Interport Gas Terminal

Nuevo León's new natural gas terminal will power up nearshoring, add 30% more supply capacity, and reduce reliance on imported oil. The terminal is a boon for the Monterrey Interport and a milestone for the state's infrastructure.

New Addition to the Monterrey Interport Gas Terminal
Natural gas is fueling nearshoring in Nuevo León.

Nuevo León, Mexico's third-most populous state and a key hub for manufacturing, is experiencing a nearshoring boom. To meet the growing demand for natural gas, Naturgy, a Spanish energy company, has invested $7 million in a new terminal at the Monterrey Interport. The terminal will add 30% more supply capacity to the region.

The new infrastructure is part of a pipeline built by the Howard Energy-Clisa consortium, which connects Webb County, Texas, with the Monterrey metropolitan area. The pipeline is 30 kilometers long in the United States and 290 kilometers long in Mexico.

Naturgy's Mexico president, José García Sanleandro, said the terminal is “a project that contributes to the development and alignment of Nuevo León, in addition to maintaining the reliability of the entire Monterrey system, which fortunately is growing at a much faster rate than expected.”

García Sanleandro also highlighted the company's interest in supplying natural gas to Tesla, which is building a new factory in Nuevo León. “We are going for more, that the next phase will take shape, (for example) the construction of the Tesla factory, which we are also working on together to see if we can contribute to it having natural gas ... this is the great challenge we have ahead of us.”

The new terminal is a boon for the Monterrey Interport, which is already home to several manufacturing companies. Interpuerto Monterrey director Mauricio Garza Kalifa said the terminal “will guarantee the supply for expansions of the companies that operate there and those that will be installed, with gas that comes from Texas at a competitive price.”

Nuevo León's economy secretary, Iván Rivas, pointed out that the opening of the terminal is a “milestone for the infrastructure that is being created in Nuevo León to serve the companies that are arriving.”

Nuevo León's new natural gas terminal is a gas for nearshoring. The $7 million investment by Naturgy is fueling the state's economic growth, while also keeping the Monterrey system running smoothly.

The terminal is part of a pipeline that connects Webb County, Texas, to the Monterrey metropolitan area. This means that Nuevo León now has access to a reliable and affordable supply of natural gas.

This is good news for the state's manufacturing sector, which is booming thanks to nearshoring. Companies are increasingly moving their operations to Mexico to take advantage of lower labor costs and proximity to the US market.

The new terminal is also good news for Tesla, which is building a new factory in Nuevo León. The company has said that it will need access to a reliable supply of natural gas to power its operations.

Naturgy is not the only company investing in Nuevo León's energy infrastructure. Interpuerto Monterrey, a major industrial park, is also investing in natural gas pipelines to meet the needs of its tenants.

The opening of the new terminal is a milestone for Nuevo León. It shows that the state is committed to attracting investment and creating a business-friendly environment.