Monterrey: A City that Sets the Course of Mexico's Business and Commerce

The variety of proposals for the traveler in Nuevo León combines many different facets: nature and modernity, tradition and adventure, food, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. A must-see is its capital, Monterrey, where modernity and history converge in the same space.

Monterrey: A City that Sets the Course of Mexico's Business and Commerce
Sightseeing in Monterrey: A Highlight of Monterrey, Mexico. Photo by Cande Westh / Unsplash

Monterrey is an authentic expression of the effort and tenacity of the people of the state of Nuevo León. The city is a bastion from where much of the creative and transforming impulse of Mexican industry and commerce is channeled. And a cradle of great men who have fought to make Mexico an even greater country. Monterrey is undoubtedly the Mexican city that sets the course of national business activity. It is also an ingenious synthesis of work and environment, which struggles daily to consolidate a city at the height of its importance.

How to get to Monterrey

Nestled in the middle of a secluded valley with the unique "Cerro de la Silla" on one side and "La Mitra" on the other, and on the banks of the unpredictable Santa Catarina River, stands the majestic city of Monterrey, also known as "La Sultana del Norte" (the Sultana of the North).

The capital of the state of Nuevo Leon is 957 km (595 miles) from Mexico City, with an altitude of 538 meters above sea level, so its hot and dry climate is variable throughout the year.

The Northern Sultana is communicated with the rest of the country by federal highways N" 57, 45, and 40.  For those who prefer the railroad, the trip can be made in comfortable and pleasant wagons, and Monterrey has a functional international airport.

To discover in Monterrey

Monterrey is a national spearhead in terms of commercial and industrial activity. The city of Monterrey offers to all those who seek to discover its wonders, a good number of sites of interest that will make you understand and appreciate the city of Monterrey.

The Gran Plaza, the starting point of any itinerary, integrates several important buildings among which the Municipal Palace, the Government Palace dating from 1908, and the commercial sector, of important tourist activity, known as the "Zona Rosa" stand out. Nearby is the Cathedral, which exhibits interesting pieces and paintings from the colonial era, and the Monterrey Casino, a traditional meeting place for Monterrey society.

Then, the Bishopric Museum, a symbol of the historical past; the church, the Plaza de la Purísima, with the oldest fountain in the city; the Alameda Mariano Escobedo; the History Museum; the National Baseball Hall of Fame; the Guadalupe Sanctuary; the Technological Institute, and many more places that are waiting anxiously to be discovered to offer their beauty to all who visit them. On the outskirts of the city, are the Pastora Park and the Alfa Cultural Center.

Where to stay in Monterrey

Being a large city with an important flow of visitors at all times of the year. Monterrey offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of hotel resources. Not only does it have grand tourism or five-star hotels, but it also offers a great number of medium and low-cost rooms, all under the same level of quality: the kind of excellence that the people of Monterrey have imposed as a seal of identity to every one of the things they produce at a national and international level.

Transportation in Monterrey

The city has an excellent urban transportation network that connects to almost any point within the city and its surroundings, making it possible to easily and comfortably access the points of interest that Monterrey has to offer. To travel considerable distances, or for greater comfort, it is recommended to take a cab, with which you can agree on the fare in advance, or use one of the global car platforms.

Shopping in Monterrey

The city of Monterrey is full of stores with imported merchandise from many parts of the world. Large shopping malls house boutiques of major international firms and stores with high-quality items. One of the most sought-after typical products when visiting the Monterrey are the regional sweets such as "glorias", "hojarascas", "gorditas de piloncillo", and "dulces de nuez", among others, which are one of the most delicious gifts you can give.

Eating and drinking in Monterrey

Whenever cabrito (baby goat) is mentioned, it is immediately associated with the many places in Monterrey that have made this dish a symbol and culinary standard of the city. It is cooked in the most varied ways; in the oven, in its blood, in slices, and of course the delicious roasted cabrito al pastor.

However, other types of meat and stews also have their place of honor in the local gastronomy, among which stand out the famous machaca with egg, roasted needles, carne zaraza, beef cortadillo, as well as the popular wheat flour tortillas, tamales, beans "a la charra o borrachos". These can be accompanied by an "atole blanco", a "caballito" of mezcal or a good mug of beer since one of the most important breweries in the country is located here. A separate chapter deserves the typical sweets from Monterrey, which for their quality and flavor are worthy to be tasted as an appropriate closing to such a splendid banquet.

To enjoy Monterrey

The possibilities for fun in the capital of Nuevo León are almost endless since the warmth and joy of the city make any activity fascinating. As for sports, baseball, soccer, and bullfighting are the most sought-after spectacles. Some of the greatest artists of the Mexican fiesta brava come from Monterrey and its surroundings.

In the summer at sunset, when the extreme heat has subsided a bit, it is delicious to have a nice cold beer. As for nightlife, the city offers high-quality shows, international and Monterrey restaurants, and many more charms, which you will enjoy discovering little by little.

Sightseeing in Monterrey

The surroundings of Monterrey offer visitors interested in learning more about the Monterrey landscape, places of incredible beauty located very close to the city and with adequate transportation. Among the places that should not be missed are the Cerro de la Silla viewpoint, from where an incredible view of the valley of Nuevo León can be appreciated.

The Mesata de Chipinque, a pleasant excursion place in the sierra; the town of Topo Chico, famous for its mineral waters and thermal baths; the impressive waterfall La Cola de Caballo; the indescribable Grutas de García; the Huasteca Canyon; and the towns of San Nicolás de los Garzay Guadalupe. Sites that unquestionably show the fierce and noble perspective that frames the place and in which the people of Monterrey have known how to build and consolidate a city of enormous projection.