The Day of the Dead celebrations have just passed and millions of marigold flowers will most likely be discarded, however, very few know that this flower can be consumed and has benefits. The entire plant of the flower can be used for medicinal purposes.

Here are some of the benefits of these marigold flower infusions. You must consult your doctor so that he/she can tell you if you can include any of these drinks in your treatment.

Stomach aches

If your stomach hurts, mix marigold petals, mint and some green leaves of the same plant, prepare a hot infusion with it and you will see how the pain decreases.

For the respiratory system

This infusion of eucalyptus and marigold petals used as a vaporizer helps to decongest the airways to improve breathing.

Biliary pains

In case you have biliary pains you can prepare an infusion of marigold petals and lemon peels, drink it on an empty stomach.

You mustn't substitute any medical treatment and better consult with health professionals.