Lack of order in children threatens their performance as they grow up

Children who lack structure, organization, and the ability to self-manage are more likely to have issues as adults when it comes to learning, dealing with others, and accomplishing goals or objectives in their lives.

Lack of order in children threatens their performance as they grow up
Unorganized kids are more likely to struggle academically as adults. Photo by Artem Kniaz / Unsplash

The lack of order, organization, and self-management in children contributes to their growing up with difficulties in learning, interacting, and achieving objectives or life goals, highlighted Dr. Samara Zárraga Pérez, Professor at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG), master in neuropsychological diagnosis and rehabilitation and doctor in psychology.

Children need different tools, knowledge, and guides to learn and grow; parents play a fundamental role in this issue, but what happens when even they lack the most basic knowledge, among these the organization, due to culture, social ideas, or family dynamics, added Dr. Samara.

"We are not being oriented, nor trained; we have been taught to follow directions, but not to learn to be organized, we wait to be commanded, not to have the initiative, to train, to organize. We are not encouraged to self-manage or organize ourselves. Mexicans are unpunctual, impulsive, disorganized, and aggressive because it is difficult for them to question themselves, they do not take responsibility for emotions, spaces, and times", she said.

The most common difficulties that children present in the learning process due to the lack of organizational skills are:

Lack of attention.

Poor memory.

Poor abstraction in general (intellectual capacity that consists of separating an element from its context to analyze it and make a concept of it).

Low capacity to organize their ideas, priorities, spaces, times, human relations, and identify hierarchies.

On the same subject, the doctor mentioned that it is possible to detect if a child has learning problems due to a lack of organization if he/she shows the following signs:

  • The child is not able to decide his priorities (this can be noticed at all levels of human life).
  • The child is not able to prioritize his life in general.
  • His speed for certain tasks is affected by indecision or lack of interest and attention.

If the child presents more learning problems, it would be best to see an expert. Parents should also learn to know themselves and identify their weaknesses so that they can help their children.