How to Tame Your Aged Strip Loin (and Win Friends)

Slay dry-aged strip loin like a meat knight! This funky friend craves your sharp knife, fiery rubs, and 275 °F oven. Tame it for BBQ feasts, roasts, or freeze its juicy treasures. Befriend your butcher and conquer other cuts too — ribeye, pork chops, and braised heroes await.

How to Tame Your Aged Strip Loin (and Win Friends)
Victory! The dry-aged strip loin has yielded its bounty. Double-thick steaks, worthy of any meat knight's table, await their rightful heroes.

The aged strip loin. It's like the brooding bad boy of the beef world – intense, complex, and with a hint of funky swagger. But don't let its brooding exterior fool you. This cut is a versatile chameleon, ready to morph into juicy steaks, succulent roasts, or even miniature meaty kebabs for your inner caveman.

The Strip Down:

  1. Unleashing the Beast: Ditch the plastic shackles (aka cryovac) and let the juices flow. Embrace the whiff of dry-aged funk, it's like a cheese board for your nose and will vanish faster than your patience for a slow internet connection.
  2. Taming the Tendon: Grab your boning knife, it's time for a surgical strike. Imagine it's a Jedi lightsaber slicing through the tough back strap tendon, freeing the juicy goodness within. Remember, less is more here – you would rather not sacrifice precious meat to tendon tyranny.
  3. Fat, Friend, or Foe?: Trim that excess fat like you're pruning a bonsai tree. Keep the good stuff, it's like nature's built-in basting system, but discard the sad, floppy bits – they're the paparazzi of the fat world, just best avoided.
  4. Flipping the Script: Now, turn that loin over and tackle the connective tissue that the butcher probably left for you like a culinary Easter egg. Remember, a sharp knife is your best friend here – a dull one will have you cursing like a pirate who lost his parrot.

From Strip to Star:

Now, the fun begins! You've got a canvas of meat ready to be transformed into culinary masterpieces:

  • Double Trouble: BBQ-worthy steaks, thick enough to feed two (or just yourself, no judgment here).
  • Roasting Revelation: Unleash the inner roast beast with a dry rub or that horseradish mustard you're raving about. Remember, medium rare is the magic number – 55 °C, people, carve it into your kitchen calendar.
  • Kebabs of Chaos: Skewer those smaller cuts and unleash your inner pitmaster. Think chimichurri, tzatziki, or even a good old-fashioned teriyaki glaze – the possibilities are as endless as your appetite.

Bonus Tip: Befriend your butcher. They're the meat whisperers, the oracles of the rib eye, the sages of the short rib. They'll hook you up with the best cuts, answer your carnivorous queries, and maybe even throw in a secret recipe or two.

From conquering the tendon to unleashing the roasting beast, this is your guide to taming the aged strip loin. Remember, it's a journey, not a destination. Embrace the funky aroma, wield your knife like a Jedi, and most importantly, have fun! Your taste buds (and maybe your new butcher buddy) will thank you.

Now, excuse me while I go grill up a double-thick steak with a side of wild mushroom ragout. Don't judge, the meat whispered to me, and I couldn't resist.