More Expats Flock to Cancun, but Hiring Hassles Persist

Discover the latest news from Cancun! From job seekers flocking to paradise to environmental concerns over a mega bridge, mysterious deaths, and European tourists' love affair with Quintana Roo, this article captures the essence of Cancun's current happenings.

More Expats Flock to Cancun, but Hiring Hassles Persist
Foreign residents in Cancun face hurdles in securing jobs due to their foreign status and lack of naturalization documents.

Cancun, the Mexican paradise known for its pristine beaches and wild nightlife, is experiencing an unexpected influx of foreigners seeking job opportunities. The General Director of Economic Development, Enrique Morales Pardo, revealed that the number of job applications from foreign residents has skyrocketed. In 2023 alone, the city received an impressive eight to ten applications per month, compared to the meager five to six in the years leading up to the pandemic. That's quite the leap!

From January to May, a whopping 40 to 50 permanent residents applied for jobs, but unfortunately, their foreign status complicates matters. You see, these folks don't possess the coveted naturalization document required by several companies. Talk about a Catch-22! To shed light on this issue, Morales Pardo disclosed that the naturalization letter can only be obtained after four years of residency, be it as a refugee or permanent resident. Hang in there, folks!

In a twist that will make environmentalists' hearts flutter, the Grupo Ecologista del Mayab (GEMA) has taken a bold stance against the construction of the Nichupté Vehicular Bridge megaproject. This ambitious endeavor aims to connect Cancun's bustling tourist area with the city through the lagoon system. Picture it: a majestic bridge with three lanes, intelligent transportation systems, and lighting that'll leave you dazzled. The bridge, set to open in April 2024, is part of a series of projects funded by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

It will stretch an impressive 8.8 kilometers, making it the longest bridge currently under construction in the world. The massive structure will rest on 660 sturdy piers, each 1.7 meters in diameter, with support shafts spaced 50 meters apart. GEMA filed a popular complaint with the Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Profepa), demanding that construction come to a halt. Will the bridge see the light of day? Only time will tell!

A chilling discovery unfolded in Cancun, Quintana Roo when the lifeless bodies of two individuals were found in a hotel room. The unsettling scene played out at the Los Cuates hotel on Jose Lopez Portillo Avenue, an area known as El Crucero. Concerned hotel employees, unable to get a response from the guests, entered the room and were met with a grim sight.

Acting swiftly, they dialed 911, and local media reports confirm that the authorities promptly arrived. The State Attorney General's Office dispatched experts to remove the bodies and transport them to the Forensic Medical Service. Simultaneously, investigative agents launched an inquiry to locate the alleged culprits. A tragic turn of events in the sun-soaked paradise of Cancun.

As if Cancun couldn't get any more popular, it turns out that Europeans have an insatiable appetite for this Mexican gem. Quintana Roo's Secretary of Tourism, Bernardo Cueto, revealed that Europeans make up more than half of the millions of tourists who flock to Mexico each year. These visitors revel in the warm hospitality and quality experiences that Quintana Roo offers. In 2022, a staggering 2.3 million European travelers ventured to Mexico, with 1.4 million landing at Cancun International Airport alone. That means Quintana Roo gobbled up a whopping 60.8% of the European tourism pie nationwide. Impressive!

However, don't be fooled, dear readers, because the United States still holds the crown for the largest market share. In the first four months of this year, 4.5 million American tourists graced Mexican soil, with 1.5 million choosing Cancun as their entry point. But wait, there's a twist! This year, our American friends are exploring alternative destinations, causing a noticeable 10.7% drop in their numbers. Ouch! Last month saw a 13% decrease in American visitors to Mexico. Perhaps they're searching for a new tropical hideaway?

Get ready for construction fever! The Cancun Airport Connection - Mayan Train Station project, a four-kilometer marvel within the Cancun airport's polygon, is set to commence construction in July. This groundbreaking initiative will link the airport's four terminals with the Mayan Train Station. The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation (SICT) reports that the pre-investment phase will conclude this month, and the rolling stock has been carefully selected to ensure seamless connectivity. Prepare for smoother journeys, fellow travelers!

For avid globetrotters, it's no secret that the Mexico City-Cancun and Cancun-Mexico City air routes are the crème de la crème. According to the Federal Ministry of Tourism, these routes boast the highest number of scheduled seats nationwide. It seems that wanderlust is in the air! And when it comes to international service arrivals in Mexico, Cancun reigns supreme alongside Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and Guadalajara. Together, these airports account for a whopping 73% of all arrivals, welcoming 24 million 945,000 eager visitors. Looks like the allure of Cancun's sun-drenched shores continues to captivate travelers from near and far!