How to Choose the Right Citizenship by Investment Program? A Guide by Global Residence Index

Gaining citizenship in another country has never been easier. And yet, with so many people moving across international borders, countries have also become stricter with their rules regarding offering citizenships.

The conventional way of moving to another country is long and arduous. One can move to another country as a skilled citizen. But they must stay in the country for years before they can apply for a green card or permanent residency program.

That, in turn, depends on whichever country they have moved to. Then there is a naturalization process to consider. Only after this can one apply for citizenship, which may or may not be granted.

If you are passionate about your dreams and want to live your dream lifestyle as soon as possible, you do not have to wait so long. You can get citizenship by investment far more quickly by applying through the Citizenship by Investment Program.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Many countries, including European and non-European countries, are now offering people a chance to gain citizenship by investing in the country they want to move to through their Citizenship by Investment Program, or CBI.

Hence, if you can meet the minimum investment requirement, you can invest in the country of your choice. And then, you can gain citizenship in a few months.

Yes, that is how simple it is.

In addition, you have to have a clean criminal record, and you should prove that your investment money is acquired legally. While this is not one of the most inexpensive ways to gain citizenship, it is one of the quickest. It is not entirely impossible for anyone who has a strong financial standing.

After all, many countries do not even ask for the full investment amount while applying. They are far more interested in your payment capacity. If you can prove your assets, the entire process becomes very streamlined, and everything moves quickly.

The interested investor must invest in designated economic investment zones like healthcare, business domains, and real estate or buy government stocks and bonds. In exchange, you can get your second passport in a few months, allowing you to enjoy travel benefits, tax redemptions, better business opportunities, a secure life, and a better lifestyle.

Good citizenship by investment program or CBI can help you in several ways.

However, depending on your requirements, you must know which options are right for you.

Whether you want to surrender the citizenship of your native country entirely or you want to enjoy the perks of dual citizenship, it is important to have the right guidance to choose the right program.

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Right Citizenship by Investment Program

The Global Residence Index can help you make the right choice because not only will you make a significant investment, but you will also be determining the kind of life you and your family will enjoy.

Here are some factors worth considering.

Minimum Investment Amount

The amount that an investor can invest will determine where they should apply for their citizenship. For example, the minimum investment requirement is much less in non-European countries, especially in the Caribbean, than in their European counterparts.

Moreover, you also need to understand whether you want any kind of returns on your investment or does your financial standing allow you to go without it. These contributions are non-refundable, so you will not get any of them back later.

If you want to return, you can invest in the real estate sector of some countries, as they allow you to get rental returns. You can also resell your property later if you want after the holding period is over. In European countries, you can mostly invest in real estate, so you must understand if you are okay with investing in that sector.

Minimum Residency Requirement

If you want to gain citizenship in another country without having to leave your own country, then you have to check whether you have to fulfill any minimum residency requirement. For example, some countries require that you stay in the country for a certain period before you can apply for residency or citizenship.

On the other hand, the Caribbean countries have no requirement, and you can get citizenship there, even without moving, except for countries like Barbuda and Antigua. In most European countries, you must visit at least once to complete the citizenship application.

Travel Requirements

If you want to get citizenship in another country to travel more freely, then be sure to get a second passport that allows you maximum travel opportunities. This will save you a lot of time because you can travel visa-free to many countries with your second passport.

Visa processing can be time-consuming, but you can travel without a visa or get visa-on-arrival. This is a great option for business owners traveling frequently for work.

For example, a passport from Malta can travel to 181 countries, and a passport from Cyprus can travel to 173 countries. In addition, many countries like Portugal, Grenada, Montenegro, and Turkey, among others, offer the Golden Visa, which gives you a host of travel and other benefits.


Good citizenship can change your life and will be your first step towards becoming a global citizen. If you ever face any political or economic turmoil in your country, you and your family will have a haven to relocate.

Besides, you can secure your assets and diversify your portfolio by getting dual citizenship. You can approach agencies like Global Residence Index to help you with the information required to make an informed decision.

In addition, they can help you with the application process for the Citizenship by Investment program of your choice. Once done, you will acquire citizenship within months and start living your dream life.