Wiping Out Digital Violence, One Click at a Time

Learn how the 2nd University Forum addresses #DigitalViolence, emphasizing prevention, media literacy, and creating a respectful online culture. Join the fight for a safer virtual world.

Wiping Out Digital Violence, One Click at a Time
Media such as the internet and mobile phones are used to commit acts of "digital violence". Photo by Rendy Novantino / Unsplash

Following the pandemic, the significance of technology to democratize education has become increasingly apparent. However, this digital landscape is not without its shortcomings, as it has also become a breeding ground for various forms of violence and harassment, particularly affecting women and vulnerable groups. To address this pressing issue, the 2nd University Forum against #Digital_Violence, organized by UNAM, sheds light on the alarming prevalence of digital violence and the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to prevention and mitigation.

Understanding the Scope of Digital Violence

Recent findings from the National Survey on the Dynamics of Household Relationships revealed that 13% of women aged 15 and above have experienced some form of aggression through digital media. Disturbingly, these incidents are pervasive across different settings, with 14% occurring in schools, 5% in workplaces, 16% in communities, and 1% in intimate relationships. Such acts of digital violence not only infringe on human rights but also deter victims from fully embracing technology, restricting their access to education and diminishing their sense of freedom and confidence in using digital platforms.