Chili, Salsas, and Tacos: The Perfect Combination

Tacos are the quintessential Mexican food par excellence and a good salsa, either green or red, is the ideal accompaniment for delicious tacos.

Chili, Salsas, and Tacos: The Perfect Combination
The sauce. Photo by Davey Gravy / Unsplash

Tacos are the quintessential Mexican food par excellence and are associated with Mexican culture almost as much as corn and tequila, however, there is one element that makes Mexicans enjoy with singular pleasure the tasting of an order of tacos: The sauce.

The sauces elaborated with a great variety of chili peppers are the ones that highlight the flavors that the tacos carry in their interior. No matter if they are carnitas, suadero, pastor, birria, head, or stew tacos, the ideal accompaniment is always the chile.

Salsa verde, salsa roja, habanero chiles with onion and lime, salsa cruda, salsa de morita, chipotles en escabeche, guacamole, among many other sauces, are some of the favorites as an accompaniment to tacos. And although the sauces are currently extremely varied and with quite exotic flavors, the star ingredient will always be chili.

The chili and the flavor that characterizes it in any of its varieties is something that cannot be missing in Mexican culture, as it is part of the representative elements of our country in the gastronomic field.

Chili is so important that it is not only the main accompaniment of the emblematic tacos, but it is also the protagonist in many and very diverse typical Mexican dishes, for example, mole, chiles en nogada, chilaquiles, rajas poblanas, among many others. The most known and used varieties of chili in Mexico are:

Green chile

Chile de árbol









All this variety of flavors that chili contributes to Mexican gastronomy makes it internationally recognized and appreciated.