Cabo Hikers' Mishap Ends with Drone-Powered Rescue

Cabo's week: lost hikers found, justice served to bad guy, anchoring big bucks, AND Los Cabos is Mexico's safest city! Get your permits, avoid drug drama, and don't lose yourself (or your yacht)… unless you're into dramatic rescues.

Cabo Hikers' Mishap Ends with Drone-Powered Rescue
Lost in Cabo, found by drones! Three adventurers got a taste of the wild (and a stern lecture from their moms) after getting lost on Vista Hermosa. Remember, maps are your amigos!

Gather 'round for a swig of Cabo's finest gossip, served with a twist of lime and a sprinkle of the absurd. This week's news in our sun-kissed paradise is as wacky as a sea lion wearing a sombrero.

The 3 Musketeers of Mishap

Remember that time you wandered off after one too many margaritas and ended up scaling Vista Hermosa hill in your flip-flops? Well, three folks did just that this past Sunday, prompting a dramatic search party involving drones, the Navy, and enough nervous energy to power a mariachi band. Thankfully, after seven hours of high-tech hide-and-seek, our intrepid trio was found safe and sound, probably sporting impressive tan lines and a newfound appreciation for Google Maps.