Los Cabos Turns Up the Safe Vibes, Turns Down the Knives

Knives out, Los Cabos! Big fines for blades, but crime chills thanks to cops and social media. Meanwhile, Alicia Keys finds Zen, a walker conquers Baja by foot, and parks galore await. Ditch the iguanas, grab your sunscreen, and keep it weird and safe in Los Cabos.

Los Cabos Turns Up the Safe Vibes, Turns Down the Knives
Los Cabos caters to all paces. Conquer mountains, beaches, or buffets – just leave the machetes at home and pack your sense of adventure.

Los Cabos! Where the desert kisses the sea, waves whisper secrets to rocks, and tourists accidentally pocket iguanas (oops!). This week, our Cabo Chronicles serve up a smorgasbord of news, from sharp objects and safer streets to celebrity visits and a footslogging photographer's epic trek. So, grab your sombrero and a margarita (sans iguana, please), and let's dive in.

Sharpen Your Curiosity, Not Your Knives:

Los Cabos is taking a hard stance on impromptu cutlery parties. Carrying a knife on public roads? That'll cost you 21,000 pesos (about USD 1,241)and 36 hours of introspection (or maybe just a really long nap in the pokey). Axes, machetes, razors, even those plastic butter knives you pilfered from the resort buffet – they're all under the microscope, and the cops are packing magnifying glasses. So, ditch the blades and embrace the margaritas, folks. Let's keep Los Cabos a fiesta, not a fencing tournament.