Brazil Money Exchange: A Shadowy Past and Uncertain Present

The Riviera Maya gang owns and operates Brazil Money Exchange, a company that buys and sells currencies, and this article discusses its shady past and uncertain future. The article also talks about the murder and the ongoing investigations into what the company is doing and who it is connected to.

Brazil Money Exchange: A Shadowy Past and Uncertain Present
Mexico's Shadowy Currency Exchange Industry: Uncovering Corruption and Violence. Image by DALL·E

This text is made up of three articles that look into different alleged criminal activities in Mexico. The first article details the shooting death of Mauro Gonzalez Galindo, the commissioner of the Brazil Money Exchange Centro Cambiario, in Cancun in July 2018.

The investigation shows that Florian Tudor, the leader of the Riviera Maya gang, owns and runs the exchange company. This gang also set up a large-scale ATM scam. Even though the Mexican government got involved, many tourist areas still have exchange houses, and Gonzalez's murder is still not solved.

The second article talks about the Brazil Money Exchange and its murky past and uncertain future. The investigation reveals Tudor's political and business ties, such as the corrupt notaries who set up the business and the shady businessmen who bought it from him.

The third article looks into Katia Ledesma's Master Exchange Center, a company that provides financial services outsourcing and has been accused of bribery and corruption. The tourist spots in Quintana Roo, Baja California, and Guanajuato are good for business for Ledesma's company.

The article says that the company can be traced back to a construction company called Golfmex Development. This company is accused of getting millions of dollars in payments to pay for the failed presidential campaign of a right-wing National Action Party candidate.