Baja California, the land of Romance

Baja California is a land of adventure, rest, fun, innovation in gastronomy, capital of the production of artisan beer, and the land of Mexican wine.

Baja California, the land of Romance
Baja California, Mexico. Photo: Baja California State Government

A unique region, with important natural reserves, beaches, deserts, valleys, and forest destinations. Baja California is the territory of adventure, rest, fun, innovation in gastronomy, capital of the production of artisan beer, and the land of the Mexican wine; an ideal atmosphere for romance.

Gastronomy is part of the state's identity and for Romance Tourism it becomes a key ally that generates unique experiences. The talent and creativity of Baja California's chefs and the quality of its ingredients (from the garden, the farms, and the sea) give it the elements to create flavors and styles that will make your experience on the border unforgettable.

In addition to having a first-class tourist offer, Baja California offers unique spaces that send off magic and make it one of the favorite destinations for national romantic tourism.

Whether it's planning a wedding, dinner, or romantic getaway, the destination has a wide range of vendors, gardens and lounges, banquet service, churches and temples, stylists, and live music. What is interesting is the differences between each municipality, and therefore, the style they can offer to the bride and groom.

In Ensenada, you will find two extraordinary regions: Puerto and Valle de Guadalupe.

The service providers here choose the marine style with spaces like the Hotel Lucerna or Casa de los Siete Patios. While Valle de Guadalupe promises glamour among vineyards like Adobe Guadalupe, Hacienda La Lomita, or Cuatro Cuatros. And, as if this weren't enough, in this area you can find a unique tourist product: The Weddings in the Wine Route.

This is an experience in which the most creative gastronomic proposals converge with the best quality wine produced in the region, with a splendid landscape of vineyards, where you will also have the possibility of being in direct contact with the production process, from the bunch of grapes to the glass on the table.

On the other hand, Tijuana offers spaces with avant-garde architecture and service providers ready to give the touch of sophistication of a cosmopolitan city.

Playas de Rosarito has an impressive pier at the historic Rosarito Beach Hotel and magical places south of the municipality that fulfill the dream of every couple who wants to get married with a sunset in the background facing the sea.

Tecate is not left behind, with magic in its providers, boasting unique spaces in La Cocina que Canta, Rancho Tecate, and Parque El Profesor.

Mexicali, which might seem the least viable due to its intense heat, adapts to the needs since it offers beautiful air-conditioned rooms, and unique places like the Hardy River and the desert, where there are spectacular landscapes for photoshoots.