Better than us on Netflix: everything that you should know

Better than us, season 2 on Netflix is a Russian science fiction series set shortly, specifically in the year 2029.

Better than us on Netflix: everything that you should know
Better than us on Netflix

Better than us, season 2 on Netflix is a Russian science fiction series set shortly, specifically in the year 2029. The story takes place in a city where androids serve the population in various positions, even replacing humans in some jobs.

Although most people believe they are soulless machines, they can think and feel empathy. Within that framework, an android, Arisa, suddenly begins to behave like a human and sometimes seems even more intelligent.

Such stories are familiar to viewers from many foreign films and TV series, but in Russia, such a film is not often shot. "Better than us" is a Russian adaptation of Swedish and American television projects about androids, but adjusted for national flavor.

The drama, created by Andrey Junkovsky for the Russian state-owned channel C1R, premiered in Russia on November 23, 2018, and due to the success achieved, Netflix decided to buy the international distribution rights, thus making it the first original Russian series of the streaming service.

The series director of the project Andrey Dzhunkovsky: "Better than us" is an unusual, non-standard and qualitatively filmed project. We have a very cool line-up, and it is very rare today when so many good actors meet together in one film. Strangely enough, not one or even two, but five powerful storylines intertwine here, and it is extremely important that the viewers do not get confused in them, but follow the consistent development of these stories."


In Russia, the second season of the series was released last July 7 and on Netflix, the same day of the first delivery. The entertainment company grouped the episodes of the first and second installments and presented them as a single season of 16 chapters.

Arisa the Android. Image by Netflix

So, the right question would be: "Better than us" will have a third installment? And the answer is yes. During the film festival 'Tomorrow of the Motherland', held in June this year, Andrey Junkovsky revealed that the script for the third part of the drama was ready.

How many episodes will there be in season 2? In Russia each season of fiction, starring Paulina Andreeva, Kirill Kyaro, Aleksandr Ustyugov, Olga Lomonosova, Eldar Kalimulin, Vita Kornienko, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Vera Panfilova, and Kirill Polukhin, has 8 chapters, a number that will probably be repeated in its third installment, that is, the next Netflix season would only have half an episode, or will the company wait for a fourth one to be released before grouping them back together?


Neither the creators of the series nor Netflix have revealed the release date of the second season of "Better than us", but they advanced that it will be sometime in 2020. If it repeats what happened with the previous ones, it could be released in July next year in Russia and arrive at the streaming platform in August.


According to data from the portal "Kinopoisk," the series does not have a composer. Therefore, the music that plays in the series someone else's, ie, these tracks were not written specifically for the series.

Tracks from the first 8 episodes for "Better than us":

Bart Warshaw - Ribbon [Cavendish Music]

Andrew McNeill, Tony Morley, Rachel Wood - Warm Spell [Extreme Music]

Bethany Oberheim - Playing With Color [Cavendish Music]

Martin John Swain - Sea Bed [Cavendish Music]

Stefano Ruggeri, Tony Morley, Rachel Wood - Choice [Extreme Music]

Joshua Herschel Klein - Tough Choices [Extreme Music]

Lorenzo Piggici - Sublimation [Cavendish Music]

Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy - Slide Right In [Extreme Music]

Rachel Wood, Stefano Ruggeri, Tony Morley - Broken [Extreme Music]

Richard Lowe - Lucent [Cavendish Music]

Tracks from episodes 9-16:

Martin Tillmann, Tom Vedvik - Some Days It Rains [Extreme Music]

David John Buckley - Bad Juju [Extreme Music]

Mark Batey - Aurora [Cavendish Music]

Mel Wesson, Nineoneone - Power Hungry Bastard [Extreme Music]

Joshua Herschel Klein - Black Light [Extreme Music]

Thomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix - Epilogue [Extreme Music]

Mel Wesson - Placid Test [Extreme Music]

Austin Carey Fray, Bruce Fingers, Billie Ray Fingers - Five Day Forecast [Extreme Music]

Mel Wesson, Nineoneone - Hunting Unicorns [Extreme Music]

Neal Pawley, Thomas Feurer - Havsumfun [Extreme Music]


Chapter 1. Georgy Safronov, a medical examiner, fights for children with their ex-wife. Mr. Toropov, an executive of the Cronos corporation, buys a unique robot: Arisa.

Chapter 2. Vic looks for Arisa, who hides with Sonya where the Safronovs are living. Detective Varlamov investigates a murder with the Liquidators' modus operandi.

Chapter 3. Safronov wants to return Arisa, but then something happens that makes him doubt. Losev, Vic's powerful father-in-law, is looking for a way to recover the robot.

Chapter 4. Varlamov has Safronov father and son cornered, but Egor is more complicated by the Liquidators' attack. Arisa tries to protect her "family".

Chapter 5. Alla returns while the family tries to get Egor out of jail. Vic discovers the connection between Arisa and Safronov, whom he seems to know from before.

Chapter 6. After a revelation, Egor becomes more and more attached to the Liquidators. Safronov rescues his career thanks to Vic, but at what price?

Chapter 7. Alla wants to leave, but Vic threatens her. Safronov realizes that they are using him and his family as guinea pigs and asks Varlamov for help.

Chapter 8. Safronov and Alla prove once again that Arisa is full of surprises. Gleb reorganizes the pieces of the board. Vic discovers Svetlana's plan.

Chapter 9. With his hostage family, Safronov accompanies Arisa to do what she has to do. Meanwhile, Bars and Liquidators infiltrate the event.

Chapter 10. The police, liquidators, and men of Vic follow the trail of smoke left by Arisa. Safronov fights to free his family.

Chapter 11. Safronov agrees to operate on Jeanne but places a condition on Gleb. Svetlana knows that her father is a strong letter and threatens Vic with telling him everything.

Chapter 12. Bars weaves a new play. Safronov discovers that he is now a fugitive, and Lara helps him with hidden intentions. Vic locks up Svetlana.

Chapter 13. Arisa restarts while Lara contacts her creators. Bars and Liquidators follow their plan and attack Cronus. Safronov does the impossible to save Jeanne.

Chapter 14. Safronov is between a sword and a wall. Losev discovers what Vic did and where Svetlana is. Arisa explores love to the limit.

Chapter 15. Vic and Safronov go on television. Maslovsky tries to free Svetlana, who is very sedated. Arisa tests her dexterity with the scalpel.

Chapter 16. Cronus gets the funding to serially produce robots like Arisa, and Vic orders Maslovsky and Gleb to erase the traces.