Zacatecas, Mexico: A State with a Prominent Mezcal Tradition

A great mezcal tradition has placed Zacatecas in the public's taste. The southern part of the state is a proud producer of this distillate. Three main regions in the state are dedicated to the production of mezcal.

Zacatecas, Mexico: A State with a Prominent Mezcal Tradition
A man is preparing agave plants for the mezcal production in Mexico. Photo by analuisa gamboa / Unsplash

Zacatecas has a great mezcal tradition, which has placed it in the public's taste. The south of the state is a proud producer of this distillate. Zacatecas is one of the states that have a denomination of origin for this ancestral beverage and three main regions in the state are dedicated to the production of mezcal.


In this town of Zacatecas, located in the la caxcana region in the south of the state, we can enjoy this drink produced in the Real de Jalpa mezcal factory, one of the largest in Mexico. Young and aged mezcals are part of its production, such as Real de Jalpa, one of the most popular. In this traditional factory, mezcal is made from honey, pineapple, and coconut, with herbal evocations and notes of toasted nut, which makes it smooth in the mouth.

Another of the stars of this mezcalera is La Esclava. A drink rested in white oak barrels, with aromas of honey, tropical fruits, and herbal evocations, like the previous one, it offers a smooth taste in the mouth. The most recognized brand of this mezcalera is Mezcal Don Antonio Aguilar, a great personality who changed Mexican culture through his music, and whose image has made this the number one selling mezcal within the Real de Jalpa family. This award-winning classic is made from 100% blue agave and rested for 8 months in oak barrels for a smoother and more refined taste. It is Real de Jalpa's #1 selling product, made from 100% Tequilana Webber agave.


This Magical Town, the most dancing of all, located on the borders of Jalisco, Guanajuato, and San Luis Potosi, has a great mezcal tradition, which is why its haciendas have become a great reference for those who wish to know the mezcals of Zacatecas, places that keep tradition and flavor in their walls.

The Ex-Hacienda La Pendencia is a construction from the 17th century, where today, the distillation of agave is carried out in an artisanal way. For this reason, the mezcal La Pendencia is one of the most famous in the state. During the tour of the facilities, you will be able to witness how this site was once an agricultural center and how it was transformed into a renowned mezcal hacienda.

In Pinos, you can also visit the Ex-Hacienda Trinidad del Norte, which houses relics that were used for the distillation of agave. On this site, the tour is done through the old ovens, since today the distillation process is carried out in a more sophisticated way. This hacienda produces only white and rested mezcals, which you can find in the hacienda store.

A bar serving mezcal in Mexico at night.
A bar serving mezcal in Mexico at night. Photo by Marlon Michelle Corado / Unsplash


This Magical Town of Zacatecas is home to a mezcal treasure, a family business with more than 90 years of tradition in the manufacture of this distillate, Mezcal Don Aurelio, who thanks to preserving the traditional way of making this product, has been recognized worldwide. What differentiates Mezcal Don Aurelio from others produced in the region is the cooking of their pineapples, since here this process is carried out with machinery that provides a peculiar flavor to their product.

In Don Aurelio's factory, a museum has been installed in which the artisanal process used to make this drink is shown, as well as the bottles that have won awards in multiple international competitions, decorated with Wixárrika art. These pieces of art can also be purchased at the factory's store and the cost varies depending on the complexity of the design of each one of them.

Teúl is the most delicious of the Magical Towns. This includes the mezcal that is made here, and there is nothing better to enjoy a visit to this beautiful town than to stay in the cabins of this mezcal factory. This is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and be in contact with the countryside, the starry sky, and the pure air that you can breathe here. Teúl is a town with a great mezcal and gastronomic tradition, partly due to the migration that takes place in this area. Mezcal and food, with dishes such as the very popular Chamorros, have become a great way of welcoming the absent son.

One of the most requested Zacatecas experiences, where you can taste a delicious mezcal from the region, is the traditional callejoneada ("street parade"), which takes place in the historic center of Zacatecas. While you walk through the alleys, small squares, and gardens of the city, to the sound of the tamborazo ("drumming"), you can enjoy this delicious drink from any of these regions of the state.