What is a 'whitexican' and why does this account make fun of them?


They mix Spanish and English when they speak, they brag about their trips in social networks and try not to get together with the popular classes. So are the "whitexicans", a term that defines people who show pride in Mexico abroad but adopt classist and racist attitudes within their country.

What is a 'whitexican'? Image: Pixabay
What is a 'whitexican'? Image: Pixabay

A successful Twitter account called "Cosas de Whitexicans", which has coined the concept has become a humorous scourge against the posturing of this class of Mexicans who have habits based more on appearances than on convictions.

They laugh at those people who "start with money from their parents", "leave the country during a water cut", "they are going to spend the weekend in Las Vegas", "they speak in English with their white friends" or " they believe that the most beautiful people of Mexico City are in the Roma y la Condesa, "two neighborhoods full of foreigners.

And with an eye on today, they also mock the concerns that the "whitexicans" express on social networks to fill the gas tank of their high-end vehicle or the arrival of Central American migrants to the southern border of the country.

Although the neologism "whitexican" comes from the English words "bank" and "Mexican", one of the administrators of the Twitter account told Efe that this concept "has not so much to do with skin color as with certain attitudes of a very privileged Mexican minority. "

The image that illustrates the profile of the account shows former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya, a white and conservative politician who boasted of speaking English and French, surrounded by American flags.

Below Anaya, there is a group of white models with European features that wear an expensive coat with the embroidered "Mexico is the shit" (Mexico is the wave), which is very popular among young, white and well-off millennials.

"The people who wear this jacket laugh a lot, they tend to be very proud to be Mexican when they are in the United States, while in Mexico they do not do anything for their country and they do not care about poverty," said the person in charge of the account. , who prefers to remain anonymous.

With more than 50 thousand followers, this profile of Twitter has enjoyed a good reception from users who consider it "funny", although its creators have also received "many, many comments insulting and calling us resentful.

"We make fun of a very high class and nobody likes to make fun of you and especially when nobody makes fun of you," said the administrator, who confessed that the three friends who created the profile in October last year may also have once acted as a "whitexican".

In fact, the three are middle-class Mexicans who studied at a private university, which has allowed them to "get to know both worlds well" and has "helped them a little to do this humor".

But from these seemingly banal jokes, there is also a strong political criticism against everything that contributes to the perpetuation of classism and racism rooted in Mexican society.

In the spotlight of its scathing critique was a controversial advertising campaign by a brewery that sought to spread an anti-racist message with the slogan "proudly Indian", but all its models were white.

Neither did the reality show "Made in Mexico" by Netflix, which showed the opulence of a group of wealthy and elitist young people from Mexico City who wanted to break the topic that Mexicans go donkey and wear a hat.

But the golden palm is worn by those who question talent in social networks and criticize the appearance of Yalitza Aparicio, nominated for an Oscar for best actress for the film "Roma", for her Mexican ancestry and not having an interpretive training.

The description of "Things of Whitexicans", they are own commentaries of "Mexicans more gringos than the gringos".

Whitexicans, a new racist neologism

Discrimination by social class in Mexico seems to be reciprocal since in recent weeks the label 'whitexicans' has taken on relevance to exclude Mexico's wealthiest sector.

Although some pejorative expressions such as 'strawberry', 'pipirisnais' or 'fifí' are already consecrated, among others, to appeal to the people that make up the highest social class, the new term is 'whitexicans', a word composed of contraction of the English terms 'white' and 'Mexicans'.

As a result of this new neologism, the Twitter account @LosWhitexicans has been created, which has been branded as "racist" and "incite hatred" by numerous users.

This profile, whose description is "Mexicans more gringos than the gringos", shares publications that supposedly elude frequent behaviors of so-called "white Mexicans".

One of the administrators of the account, in statements to 'BBC', referred to the 'whitexicans' as "that privileged sector of society that does not know the reality of the country, who live in a sphere and believes that all Mexicans have the same opportunities."

He explained that he himself has a comfortable economic level and that the reason why he created the profile is in summary "to demonstrate the daily attitudes with which racism is normalized in Mexico".

By Mexicanist