Riviera Maya weddings are a perfect blend of romance and party

Visitors from all over the world, both at home and abroad, may easily obtain all they need for a traditional or nontraditional wedding ceremony in the Riviera Maya.

Riviera Maya weddings are a perfect blend of romance and party
The Riviera Maya is a beautiful and exciting location for weddings. Photo by Álvaro CvG / Unsplash

They may arrive alone, with friends, or with family, but the bride and groom who have decided to marry in the Riviera Maya understand that those magical moments are theirs alone.

Riviera Maya means freedom, adventure, romance, and pleasure, whether in Playa del Carmen, Xcaret, or Tulum, where a couple will find countless alternatives for romantic moments or appreciate the Mayan culture's distinctive archaeological sites.

Although it is important to note that most of the time, these archaeological sites are for the family and friends who accompany them because the bride and groom will prefer to be alone or have a romantic meal in one of the many restaurants in the area. Alternatively, gift the couple a spa day with customized treatments.

In this area, most hotels provide wedding packages designed to meet the couple's various needs, such as the environment, gastronomy, decoration, music, and whether you want a civil or religious wedding or a Mayan ceremony in front of the gorgeous and tranquil beaches.

Furthermore, the hotel infrastructure ranges from cabins and small boutique hotels to large all-inclusive luxury resorts, which offer not only special packages for the bride and groom but also extraordinary locations for their wedding, some with a Catholic chapel, halls for events of various capacities, and even wedding coordinators to help with the event's organization and development.

A selection of Riviera Maya weddings

The couple can pick from many types of weddings in any of the Riviera Maya locations, ranging from traditional ones with a civil judge to cosmic ones.

Civil Marriage

Official papers must be given to the Civil Registry. Many couples have a simple civil wedding the day before coming to the Riviera Maya, and then have the religious ceremony of their choosing while there, with the understanding that the certificate provided by the priest or pastor performing the service is not lawful in Mexico.

The Mayan Wedding

This XVI-century rite included placing four jugs on an altar and serving balche, a sacred drink consisting of tree bark and Mayan bee honey known for its healing virtues. The Mayan priest offers balche to the four elements and exchanges offerings between the couple, such as grain, which represents the beginning of life and family nutrition, and chocolate, which represents the riches and care that will be invested into the love and union.

A Prehistoric Wedding

This event, which translates as "Ritual of Union," represents the union of a pair to become Infinite. According to popular belief, each human being has 612 senses, 5 of which we are already aware of. The sixth sense is communication, while the 12th is sexuality. When a couple marries, it leads to conception, the genesis of life, and hence the formation of "new life."

The Astrological Wedding

The tradition celebrates love in all its glory by forming a circle in which family and friends throw flowers in the four Mayan colors: white, red, yellow, and violet. Following the presentation, each member of the circular walks to the center and addresses the couple. Finally, the bride and groom exchange their vows, which conclude with the couple thanking the four cardinal points and kissing to solidify their oath.

The Riviera Maya: A Great Place for a Wedding or Honeymoon

The Riviera Maya is one of the world's most romantic places, making it ideal for a wedding or honeymoon. The Riviera Maya is also a full destination, with all of the services and alternatives required to host a large event.

You will have the option of having a civil or religious ceremony with official recognition. A couple in the United States spends an average of US$30,000 on their wedding in their hometown, whereas a wedding on the Riviera Maya costs around US$6,000. Domestic and international tourists will find all of the typical wedding ceremony options, as well as some that are unique, in the Riviera Maya.


The lovely Grand Velas Riviera Maya is an 82-hectare dream and luxury world with spectacular architecture, nature, and Playa del Carmen's superb sandy beach: Why should you choose a wedding venue? If the natural beauty of the location is the ideal environment, each of its beautifully built rooms welcomes the couple's romantic aspirations exclusively for them. Wedding planning will be easy and enjoyable owing to the trained personnel and the variety of options available to a couple, including the bridal suite of the outstanding spa, where sensory experiences and exquisite treatments await the new pair. Yes, it is an all-inclusive luxury.

Saint Valentine's Day

The Valentin Imperial Maya is a delightful treat for visitors, with its characteristic Mexican hacienda style set among the tropical foliage of the Mexican Caribbean, all complemented by the benefits of a luxury all-inclusive. The resort's 524 junior suites and 16 suites under the adults-only concept make it the ideal place for a couple in love, and the bride and groom can choose from various wedding packages and have the advice of a coordinator to make the organization of such a special celebration easier: documentation, ceremony location, bridal bouquet, reception dinner, cake, decoration, and transportation. It also offers unique packages that include massages in the spa, honeymoon decorations in the room, and a romantic supper for the newlyweds in the late check-out vowel.


El Dorado Maroma, Mexico's nicest beach, is ideal for lovers, with its romantic and peaceful environment for those wishing to get away from it all. This modest 72-suite resort is ideal for a romantic getaway, a beautiful wedding, or an amazing honeymoon. It has an oceanfront chapel and outdoor places for a wedding, as well as in-suite Jacuzzis and private outdoor showers for an intriguing and romantic escape.