Lodging with the legendary "Beetle" cars in Mexico


Nestled in the Mayan jungle of Mexico is the Vocho Hotel, a place where several Volkswagen Beetle model cars were converted into rooms, and even a small plane.

The place is a few kilometers from Chichen Itza. Photos: Facebook Sin Passaporte

"We have 3 vochitos (as the Beetles are popularly known), and we are already working on one more to have four, a combi suite, and the novelty is that we are almost finished with the plane," explains Ramón Franco, owner of EcoCamping, a hotel located a few kilometers from Valladolid, a town that belongs to the southeastern state of Yucatan.

The place is surrounded by nature and cenotes, is also a few kilometers from the archaeological site of Chichen Itza, one of the most iconic Mayan ruins in Mexico.

Franco is of Oaxacan origin, in the south of the country, but he tells that he found peace and tranquility in the Mayan lands and seeks to share it with other people who want to live the experience of sleeping in these particular rooms.

Ready to be rented, the rooms had several modifications to make them more comfortable, and they are also about to finish the remodeling of the plane to turn it into another room.

"EcoCamping is a quiet, ecological, self-sustainable place and those who visit us will find peace, harmony," said the owner who also clarified that everything was made with recycled material.

"It's a place with a lot of heart" and it works "with solar and wind energy" and has "swimming pool, library, gym, internet, and even a playground".

You can also camp there and tourists from all over the world have already visited it.

"What we want is to continue building with recycled things and we are seeing if they can help us by donating a boat, to make a room in a big boat, and the houses in the trees, and at some point, I would like to make a UFO in the back "

And in this way, continue to enlarge this self-sustainable place, where many go to spend the night in a "vochito". And above all, live the experience of being in contact with nature.

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