VIDEO: Woman leads assault on public transport in Mexico City


Surveillance cameras of a bus that circulated on Río Churubusco, in the vicinity of Eje 3 Oriente, in Mexico City, captured the moment of an assault led by a woman and two individuals.

In the video, you can see three individuals approaching the vehicle, after which they start with the theft of the passengers' belongings, mainly wallets and cell phones.

The woman in the video remains at the front of the bus, where she takes out a revolver and threatens the passengers to deliver their belongings.

The accomplices collect the booty in backpacks, while the woman attacks several people, including the elderly, and the driver, whom she orders not to stop and points the gun at him.

According to information from Publimetro, the crime occurred on February 1 around 9:00 am The video was shared via Twitter where users demanded the head of the Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, to take action in the face of violence in Mexico City.

So far there have not been arrests for this crime.

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