Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Americas announced that Mexico City will be the first city in Latin America to receive VidCon, a global convention for online digital content. The first VidCon Mexico will be held at the Citibanamex Center in Mexico City in 2020 starting on April 30. The four-day event will be attended by the most followed digital celebrities from Latin America and the rest of the world, including Calle y Poché and the new Nickelodeon Latin America digital star, Isabella de la Torre.

VidCon is the largest immersive experience in the digital world for fans, content creators, and those who build and belong to diverse online communities. The event is also the meeting point for brands and executives passionate about creators of content, online video, and content created for networks. VidCon is the platform for fans and industry leaders to meet the most important content creators of the region and witness the future in the consumption of video and online narratives.

Eduardo Lebrija, senior VP and general manager of Viacom Americas Norte and pan-regional advertising sales, said: "Mexico has been a leading spearhead in the region for creators of content, brands and platform launches, so we are excited to give the welcome to VidCon in Mexico and present its first Latin American edition in 2020. It is an incredible opportunity to come together and celebrate creators and fans and inspire the new generation of leaders and brands that will dominate the future of the digital world."

"Mexico is one of the most vibrant creative centers in the world for influencers, brands, and content creators to build audiences and grow their brands," said Jim Louderback, general manager of VidCon. "Many of the most important creators in the world have emerged from Mexico in recent years and brands and merchants in Mexico have opened the way to include creators and influencers in their marketing mix. We could not be more excited to bring VidCon's vision, experience, and community to Mexico in partnership with the amazing Viacom team."

Who will be the influencers that will be part of VidCon Mexico?

Among the most influential and exclusive guests that will be present at the Coca-Cola VidCon Mexico presented by Telcel are Juanpa Zurita, the most important Latino, who is also a philanthropist and actor; Luisito Comunica, one of the most beloved because he has captivated everyone with his travel stories; Calle y Poché, recognized creators of online content; La Bala, Nickelodeon's new digital star and at the same time, the youngest of all and Mario Bautista, Mexican singer with an incredible number of followers.

All of them form the line-up of this first phase of revelation, where little by little more talents will be known who will also be present as Memo Aponte, Pautips, Mario Ruiz, Sebastián Villalobos, Xime Ponch, Dhasia Wezka, Sebastián Arango, the members of Acapulco Shore and international talents such as Luke Korns, Martinez Twins, Manny MUA and the DobreBrothers.

What will this first edition of VidCon Mexico consist of?

Coca-Cola VidCon Mexico presented by Telcel will offer two large spaces for all types of attendees: the Community Track and the Industry Track, in addition to a lounge for companions. In the Community Track, fans will live closer to their favorite influencers through shows, live presentations, creativity workshops, question and answer sessions, panel discussions, and an expo hall. Not to mention, by purchasing your tickets, you'll be participating in an exclusive Meet & Greet to meet your favorite content creators.

On the other hand, the Industry Track will consist of that everyone who attends will be able to learn certain secrets of the digital world. This space will be the meeting point between content creators, video experts, and leaders of the most important platforms on the Internet. The access cost for the Community Track, considering only the weekend, is 1,200 pesos, and tickets per day are 450 pesos per person. On the other hand, the Industry Track is 6,000 pesos for the four days of the event. Tickets are available from December 1, 2019, through their website. So, if you want to witness the biggest event in the digital world, this is your chance.