Vape Industry in Mexico Faces Major Pushback from AMLO

AMLO's government declared war on vapes, citing health concerns and hinting at a deeper moral aversion. Alongside this was a focus on mental health programs and economic boasts about the strong Mexican peso.

Vape Industry in Mexico Faces Major Pushback from AMLO
AMLO briefly addresses eye inflammation during the Morning Conference, a reminder of the human side of leadership. Credit: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) isn't your typical head of state. His daily, often rambling, Morning Conferences from Mexico City's National Palace are an eclectic mix of policy pronouncements, philosophical musings, and the occasional personal health update. Today's session was no exception, offering a potent mix of public health initiatives, appeals to history, economic boasting, and digs at political foes – all with AMLO's characteristic folksy flair.

The War on Vapes

Electronic cigarettes, or vapes, emerged as the prime enemy of the day. AMLO's government announced reforms targeting their production, distribution, and use with an almost messianic zeal. The message was clear: vaping is the new public health evil. While concerns about e-cigarettes, especially among youth, are warranted, the intensity of the Mexican government's campaign hints at a deeper moral aversion. It's reminiscent of the Catholic-influenced 'war on drugs', raising questions about the balance between individual choice and a paternalistic vision of public health.