AMLO Takes Aim at Corruption and Manipulation

AMLO wants to shake up the Mexican judiciary with elections for judges. Imagine the campaign slogans… He envisions a Mayan Train hauling cargo alongside tourists and declares Mexico is living a “stellar moment”.

AMLO Takes Aim at Corruption and Manipulation
President López Obrador addresses the media during his daily morning conference. Credit: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) kicked off his daily morning conference in fiery mode. In a dizzying array of topics, he covered everything from his dreams of reforming the Mexican judiciary to gas pumps, ancient cultures, and even the meaning of life. Let's break down the highlights of this unique brand of breakfast-time political theater.

The Judges in the Hot Seat

AMLO's got a bone to pick with Mexico's judges, and he wants the people to hold them accountable. He's talking about a radical shake-up in the judiciary, one that includes judges… wait for it… facing elections. Imagine the campaign slogans: “Justice Smith: Tough on Crime, Easy on Your Taxes!” (Probably wouldn't fly in the U.S. but we're in Mexico!)