Underwater weddings are the trend of the moment

Getting married on the seafloor? All or nearly all of the attendees at an underwater wedding will need to be certified divers or at least comfortable swimming underwater.

Underwater weddings are the trend of the moment
Getting married underwater is the latest trend in weddings. Photo by Victoria Ballesteros / Unsplash

Yes, submerged. Perhaps the adventurous pair will tie the knot in a magnificent cenote in the Riviera Maya. He looked stunning in his linen suit, and she looked stunning in her bridal gown.

However, the bride and groom and their guests must plunge underwater in a diving suit after posing for the stunning memento photo, which takes a few minutes underwater. This means that most guests who attend these weddings must be qualified divers or have already attempted scuba diving.

Those who are unable or unable to scuba dive on the wedding day can observe the ceremony from the surface by employing snorkeling equipment and life jackets to float without missing any details of the unique underwater wedding.

Kneeling is the finest position for the growth of these weddings, both for the bride and groom and for the guests, because standing beneath the water makes it very simple to lose the wedding underwater. It is quite easy to lose balance in the water, and movement might disturb the sediment, causing you to lose visibility.

The bride should wear a lovely bathing suit or a bikini, although some people prefer to get married in traditional wedding attire: she in her long-tailed white gown and he in his black tuxedo or tails, with the tie, even if both of them afterward emerge from the sea.

The greatest beaches in Mexico for underwater weddings are those on the Caribbean Sea, which offer unrivaled visibility of more than 30 meters most of the year, sandy bottoms, no strong currents, and are bordered by stunning shallow reefs (10 meters).

Following the ceremony, the entire party can be transported on a catamaran, a perfectly equipped sailing boat, where the congratulations and toasts can begin before arriving at a beach where another group of experts can organize the decorations, food, drinks, music, and, of course, a change of dry clothes. Getting married underwater in Mexico might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.