A lot of people choose the Riviera Maya to celebrate the wedding of their dreams. In recent times, the area has become one of the most coveted places for most international couples to celebrate their wedding. This place has more and more followers among those who want to swear eternal love to each other in the center of paradise.

The Riviera Maya is known worldwide for its incredible white sand beaches and turquoise water. It is also known for its numerous high-standard tourist centers that allow organizing events in all heights. Therefore, many couples decide to celebrate their dream wedding in this coastal area located in the Yucatan Peninsula. The reasons for organizing a wedding in the Riviera Maya are multiple and below we will list its main attractions.

The best professionals

The Riviera Maya is a world-famous tourist destination, so it has the most internationally prepared professionals from all over the world. Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Tulum are the most outstanding places in the Riviera Maya, where it is possible to hire a professional team to organize the event and immortalize your best moments.

From the essential wedding planners to the best fashion make-up artists, stylists, and photographers. One of the most outstanding wedding photographers is Adrian Bonet who, thanks to his excellent work, has become a reference in wedding photography in the Riviera Maya. In these times of social networks, a professional team from the world of the image cannot be missing in a wedding of these characteristics, and to have some images that will delight the guests in Instagram!

A wide range of celebrations

People who decide to travel to the Mexican Caribbean to organize their wedding are not satisfied with a classic wedding encounter. That is, they want to celebrate a wedding in all its glory that will remain engraved in the memory of the attendees. A magical and memorable wedding. Therefore, it is essential to carefully choose the theme that will be developed.

Some couples bet on celebrating an authentic Mayan wedding with a shaman, others decide to organize an intimate wedding on the beach, or even a more familiar wedding inside a resort. The options are very varied and it's just a matter of choosing the type of celebration that best suits the personality of each couple.

Lots of activities and fun

Weddings celebrated in the Riviera Maya can give a lot of pleasure, since its resorts offer many types of activities that can be done by the bride and groom and the guests of the ceremony before and after the wedding. Nightlife and shopping, all-inclusive packages, and spa services are some of the most popular attractions. In order not to stress too much, it is best to hire a travel consultant or personal assistant to organize this type of activity. In this way, the bride and groom can focus only on the most important aspect: enjoying the idyll.

Exquisite wedding banquets

The banquet occupies a very special place to which one must pay great attention. It is very important to choose a perfect menu that all guests can enjoy. The area offers a wide range of gastronomy: from the classic Ceviche to the most traditional Mayan meals: like the Tikin Xic fish. For the more innovative, there is also the possibility of haute cuisine, fusion cuisine, or more informal options to organize a buffet on the beach.

Close with a flourish

Hiring a music group or a DJ to liven up the atmosphere is always a good option, and towards the end of the evening close the event with a more intimate and romantic act. The fireworks are very popular, as well as the magic lights of Cantoya at the seashore, something that has become one of the most demanded acts. An unforgettable ritual, which will put the finishing touch to an event that will undoubtedly always be remembered by all those attending.

How to organize your wedding in the Riviera Maya

No problem. This should be the slogan applicable to any of the Riviera Maya destinations: Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Xcaret... Anything is possible. Choose the perfect destination and location for your wedding and make your dream come true. Most of the hotels of the main hotel chains have wedding planner services and you can also contact one of the many specialized companies that will accompany you throughout the process and take care of everything.

Documentation required

Weddings held in an official capacity in Mexico require the following documentation:

Birth certificates

Blood tests

Copies of passport or tourist visa

Divorce certificate, in case one or both partners are divorced.

Four witnesses, who must usually be provided by the hotel.

Plan a custom wedding

In the Riviera Maya, they take pride in being the main wedding destination in Latin America and this has allowed them to become true specialists. This way, the establishments have teams of really prepared planners and can organize weddings completely tailored to each couple.

If you wish, you can order absolutely everything: invitations, rooms for the guests, banquet, ceremony dresses, brunch, music, floral arrangements, make-up, and hairdressing services for the couple or all the guests, transportation, photographers, cameramen, picnics, farewell parties.

However, you should be clear about what and with whom you are contracting, as hotels provide their services and do not usually allow other event organizers to participate in the ceremony already agreed upon with the establishment. On the other hand, hotels can offer you the ceremony for free if you have booked a good holiday and honeymoon package.

Themed weddings

You won't believe this, but there is almost a specific ceremony for each type of couple. In the Riviera Maya, the hard part will be choosing the one you like best because they specialize in thematically oriented weddings and some ceremonies are very appropriate for the area: Mayan wedding, beach wedding, cenote wedding, hacienda wedding, resort wedding. For sure whatever your imagination can come up with.

Before the wedding

If you already know what your ideal ceremony will be, it's also time to think about what you can do before the wedding. In this sense, in the Riviera Maya, they are also fantastic offering party services, pre-wedding shopping, or spa. Your advisor will prepare a spectacular day for you, whether you want to relax or prefer a good party.

In the first instance, the Riviera Maya is the first spa destination in the world, so here you will find all kinds of massages and relaxing sessions, both alone and with your partner. When it comes to parties, you can't miss a bachelorette party on the beach, somewhere as sensational as the famous Mamita's Beach Club.

The arrival of the guests

You don't have to worry about your guests. You can book accommodation in the same hotel where you will perform your ceremony or where you will stay or through your wedding planner. If you wish, you can also plan airport pick-ups and transfers and brunch, lunch, or a special meal for them the day before and after the wedding.

The banquet

The wedding feast on the Riviera Maya can be as varied as the ceremonies themselves. Of course, the hotel complexes have a wide range of rooms in the most diverse styles for your perfect wedding; but there is more. Don't rule out agape in the jungle, dinner on the beach, or an after-party with DJs. The menu will also be to your liking: Mexican food, fusion, international, haute cuisine, vegetarian, informal, picnic. And then cocktails, juices, and combinations.

The musical setting

Romantic as nothing in the world and more Mexican than a "ranchera", the performance of a mariachi band to welcome the bride. From there you can choose to provide a musical setting to everything surrounding your wedding in the Riviera Maya. Wedding march, recorded or live music, classical music quartets, singers, bossa-nova, DJ's for the party. You should know that there are also companies dedicated exclusively to the setting, sound, and lighting of your wedding.

The finishing touch to your Riviera Maya wedding

So many years of experience have led to a great deal of specialization among the companies in the sector working in the Riviera Maya. Among all of them, a fantastic idea has captivated us to put an end to some intense and fun days. After the banquet and the party, there is nothing like closing the event with an endearing act that will leave an unforgettable memory in the minds of the couple and the attendees: throwing lanterns of light at the seashore. In the purest oriental style, your guests will help you light the lanterns, which will rise and illuminate the Mexican night.

The Honeymoon

The wedding is over, and now it's time for the newlywed couple. The Riviera Maya is the perfect setting for honeymooners. Here you can find everything and enjoy beaches, romantic walks, relaxing activities, cultural visits, excursions to cenotes, nightlife, theme parks, adventure sports, Mayan ruins. Plus a session of Temazcal, an ancient pre-Hispanic ritual of steam and water, which takes place inside a clay dome. Ideal to share with your partner. It's time for an unforgettable honeymoon and you are in the Riviera Maya: congratulations!