Learn how to prepare typical Mexican dishes low in fat

Delicious Mexican dishes can be enjoyed without neglecting your health. For this purpose, several recommendations for preparing typical Mexican dishes but low in fat can help you.

Learn how to prepare typical Mexican dishes low in fat
Chili in walnut sauce. Image by Nan Vazquez from Pixabay

Enjoy delicious Mexican dishes without neglecting your health. To do so, the Mexican Food Institute issued a series of recommendations to prepare typical Mexican dishes but low in fat. The substitution of some foods in the preparation of traditional dishes can help to considerably reduce the amount of kilocalories consumed.


To prepare a rich pozole but with fewer calories, it is recommended to reduce the amount of pozole corn, as well as to substitute the type of meat, tostadas and cream for reduced fat products.

Chili in walnut sauce

The option to make the chiles en nogada (chili in walnut sauce) healthier is to prepare them without coating them in flour and egg and then frying them. As well as changing the ingredients of the traditional nogada for those that are lower in calories such as: light cream, low-fat cheese and sugar substitute.


For dessert, consider opting for a 240 ml cup of light water gelatin instead of a slice of tres leches ("three milks") cake.


For snacks, a healthy option is to eat a cup of cucumbers or seasonal fruit instead of chips and pork rinds.


Drinks also have a healthier option. Instead of soda, it would be better to drink plain water, or instead of drinking natural or industrialized juice, prefer hibiscus or lemon water without sugar or with a substitute, as well as coffee.