New real estate boom in Tulum's residential market

Despite the pandemic, Tulum has positioned itself as one of the cities with the best investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

New real estate boom in Tulum's residential market
Tulum. Photo by Roberto Nickson / Unsplash

Tulum, one of the jewels of the Mexican Caribbean, is becoming a treasure for the real estate sector. It has been compared to cities such as Ibiza and Miami, thanks to the real estate boom it has experienced as a result of the pandemic. The behavior of capital gains and return on investment make it one of the best cities to invest in vacation rentals.

Tulum registers capital gains of 15% and can reach up to 25% in just 18 months. Cities such as Merida and Tulum are now giving these yields, which are very attractive for the sector. In the potential of the city because of the international fame, it has acquired. Therefore, he considers it a great opportunity to invest and buy apartments near the beach.

One of the biggest investment opportunities is the purchase of a real estate for vacation rental. The Tulum projects have had yields of 11 and 25% annual return on a rental. This, in a period of 2 years, is considered a success.

Why invest in Tulum?

Unlike big cities, this destination has a wide offer with more affordable property prices. Its architectural design aligned with nature gives the city a characteristic seal. Another point in favor of the investment is the willingness of the authorities. The authorities of Tulum, unlike other municipalities, are committed, first of all, to talk to you about what you want to build, especially to monitor feasibility issues.

Tulum is the best city for real estate investment

The boom of Tulum not only as a tourist destination but also as a high-quality city to live in is reflected in an exponential growth in real estate. Tulum is the city with the highest price ceiling in the Riviera Maya. Most of the available supply in the town is in the residential, residential plus, and luxury segments.

The majority of purchases in Tulum are made by investors. They are looking for a new property as a financial instrument that will allow them to increase their wealth since sales have been evolving, generating capital gains, as it is also a very dollarized area, which allows them to have a more stable outlook.

The airport to be built in the Mayan zone, in lands belonging to the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, will further increase the opportunity to invest in real estate in Tulum, as it will increase the influx of foreigners, derived from the fact that they will not have to move from the Cancun air terminal to get closer to the tourist offer in the area.

From 2022 to 2030 there will be a real estate boom; Quintana Roo has a very young population ranging from 19 to 49 years old, which represents 48 percent, and in the next six years the centennials will be the active population, so in terms of development and infrastructure growth, things are not going to stop.

This will cause more and more units to be produced focused on the international market, therefore it is important to have adequate sales channels for the market: develop a better quality real estate product, have active payment schemes for foreigners, bet on technology, prepare the sales force to give better commercial advice in a different language. The challenges that exist in the real estate industry are enormous because development has accelerated.

Tulum's real estate growth was much faster than any investment in the state can achieve. There is a problem of infrastructure provided by the government to the people who build, but what developers have done is that they finance projects such as water treatment and solar cells, to offer services that do not have such an impact on the environment.