Topics for an Opinion Essay: Easy and Unique Way to Express Yourself

Topics for an Opinion Essay: Easy and Unique Way to Express Yourself
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While taking your college program, you have to complete different essays. The essays are graded, and the marks you score determine if you graduate smoothly. One category of essays you have to complete is opinion papers. Therefore, you should compose them neatly to score the highest marks possible. And it all begins with the opinion essay topics you pick.

What Are Opinion Essay Topics?

When you have opinion essays, the instructor expects you to explain your stance on a given issue. Opinion essay topics could be on a wide range of issues, including communication, economic development, or historical events. Just like with other academic writing tasks, you should present a quality piece. Examples of the quality characteristics you should meet include:

  • Picking a perfect topic
  • Adhering to the essay instructions
  • Arranging your points well
  • Backing up your stance with evidence

How to Write Opinion Essay Topics?

Opinion essay topics aren’t always easy. You should dedicate your time, be creative, and pay attention to all the guidelines to handle an opinion essay topic well. What does it take to make a challenging task more manageable? Here’re the best tips for you:

Comprehend the Requirements of the Opinion Paper

Some college students proceed straight to the writing stage before fully understanding the opinion paper. If you do this, you’re likely to get stranded in the middle of the paper. Besides, you may overlook some vital assignment guidelines.

Read the assignment’s prompt well. If it’s a long prompt, take time and go through the whole of it. As you do so, take note of the keywords and determine their impact on the response you should give. If you don’t understand the prompt, consult your instructor for clarification. Also, take the essay instructions seriously. The things to observe include the word count, the sources to use, and the formatting style. Adhering to instructions indicates that you understand what you’re doing as an essay writer.

Create a Good Essay Writing Plan

At this point, you already know the magnitude of the task. It’s now time to split the writing process into several manageable steps. You should allocate adequate time for the various processes, including research, writing your first draft, editing, and polishing. After you complete one stage, take a short break to freshen up before proceeding to the next.

Obtain the Best Content

Professors don’t just issue random grades for your history opinion essay topics. It’s the quality of the content you submit that determines your score. So, you should ensure you have enough pieces of evidence to pack up your claim.

The first step is to determine your stance on the issue at hand. You then come up with several points of argument. Identify credible academic sources that back up your assertion on the issue. You can obtain your information from various sources, including:

  • Trustworthy websites
  • Books from your college library
  • Academic journals

Take short notes while undertaking the research. Then review your arguments to determine what you should include in your final paper and what you should leave out. While at it, decide the order of your points. The more prepared you are, the easier writing an opinion essay becomes.

Write Your First Opinion Paper Draft

After preparing the opinion essay topics, begin drafting the work. Typical 5-paragraph opinion essays have three sections; an intro, body, and conclusion. In your opening paragraph, give your reader a reason to go through other sections of the paper by beginning with a powerful hook. For instance, give a brief overview of the topic by pointing out startling statistics on the subject. In the final part of your intro, write a clear thesis statement to let the reader know what you intend to discuss in the paper.

The body of your essay is where you discuss your essay topics and ideas. For every body paragraph, you should have a clear topic sentence. You then follow it up with enough pieces of evidence and relevant examples. Be as clear as possible to make it easy for the professor to give you a good grade.

In the closing paragraph, reaffirm your position on the subject matter. Restate the thesis without sounding repetitive. Leave the reader with a thought-provoking final take on the topic you’re writing about.

Polish the Composition

Even if you have good opinion essay topics, but the entire essay is full of mistakes, you won’t score good marks. So before you turn in the essay, you should confirm it’s perfect. Go through the whole paper and confirm if the claims in the body paragraphs are related to your thesis statement. Moreover, you should correct any grammar, formatting, and word choice errors. Finally, don’t forget to proofread the final copy before submitting it for grading.

How to Select the Best Opinion Essay Topic?

Sometimes, the professor won’t give you a specific opinion essay topic to write on. It means you’re the one to come up with a suitable topic. While this may seem advantageous, you might feel overwhelmed because you have thousands of probable opinion essay topics to consider. Take your time and select the best opinion essay topics.

Pick opinion essay topics you’re passionate about. Doing so will allow you to write excellent content as you’ll have the drive to express your personal opinion on the matter. Furthermore, when you discuss opinion essay topics comprehensively, you’re on your way to being among professional writers.

Since you want to write interesting pieces, you can also go for puzzling opinion essay topics. It could be a controversial topic that’ll make the reader eager to review the entire essay. For example, you can settle on public opinion essay topics like why the government should ban social media.

Don’t settle on the first topic that comes to your mind. Instead, come up with many opinion essay topics in the beginning. It could be between 7 and 10 opinion paper topics. You then assess them closely before settling on the best one. A good opinion essay topic helps you to write excellent content, just like what you find in an essaywriter review.

A List of Opinion Essay Topics

When it comes to opinion essay topics, you have many options to choose from. The top examples to consider include the following:

  • College students should not learn the history
  • Abolition of the slave trade was a good idea
  • More countries should embrace socialism
  • Ways corruption ruins world’s economies
  • Government should make all vaccinations compulsory
  • Top advantages of using electric cars
  • Globalization is a danger to developing economies
  • Internet use affects economic development
  • Minors should not be allowed to use smartphones
  • Parents should control how their children use smartphones
  • Face-to-face communication is still better than online communication
  • YouTube contributes to the rise of stars
  • Students should be prevented from using e-books
  • Social media has led to an increase in cases of domestic violence
  • Governments should curtail freedom of speech

Opinion Essay Topics for High School Students

Are you a high school student struggling with choosing opinion essay topics? Here’re a few engaging topics to consider.

  • Education is no longer useful in the modern society
  • Space exploration is useful to society
  • Government should not tax the money athletes make
  • Parents should choose single-gender schools for their children
  • Modern news channels help in the dissemination of fake news
  • Owning firearms can help in keeping civilians safe
  • Traveling exposes students to more opportunities
  • Schools are becoming unsafe for students

Some Great Examples of Opinion Essay Questions

You still have many opinion essay topics to try. So here’re additional topic questions to consider when you have an opinion assignment to complete.

  • Why should people not trust social media influencers?
  • What effects do social media platforms like Instagram have on teenagers?
  • How does Facebook damage youths’ self-esteem?
  • Why is it not a good idea to have many friends?
  • Why should the government control religious practices?
  • How can a child’s self-confidence be increased?
  • Why should schools make learning sign language compulsory?
  • What changes should be made in the United States voting system?
  • What alterations can be made to the US’s educational system?

A Few Examples of Opinion Essay Ideas

Ideas for an opinion paper can be derived from diverse issues. Examples of issues to base your opinion writing on include:

  • Why e-learning is more popular than face-to-face learning
  • Why people should study foreign languages
  • How college grade affects one’s success in life
  • Why the death penalty should be legalized
  • How high taxation affects the economy
  • The role of online communication in building personal relationships
  • The effects of strict parenting on a child’s development


Choosing an opinion essay topic may sometimes be challenging, even for professional writers. The trick is to settle on a subject you’re passionate about. Then, come up with many ideas before you settle on the best. Before writing, prepare adequately by researching extensively to gather sufficient points. After you write, proofread and polish the paper before you turn it in.