To transcend, it is important to be convinced of it

The following are 10 recommendations for the achievement of your goals for this coming year, which with appreciation and respect have been written for people to allow themselves to transcend.

To transcend, it is important to be convinced of it
If we want to transcend, it is important to be convinced of it. Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN / Unsplash

Have you ever wondered what happens when we don't keep our New Year's resolutions? Or at least not all of them. If in any way you feel identified with this situation, I believe that the following lines will be of great reflection and help for you. It is common that, at the end of the year, we find ourselves thinking about what we will do and what we will commit ourselves to for the following year; without really thinking judiciously about what we did not accomplish in the previous year and why.

Procrastination, giving up in advance, not believing we are capable of achieving our goals, as well as being in environments that do not provide growth and drive, maybe some of the factors that impact our actions and prevent us from achieving the objectives and goals set at the beginning of each year. Undoubtedly, reflecting on everything that hinders or hinders the achievement of goals, will help in the short term to implement some interventions to improve, however, thinking positive and focusing attention on what "YES" empowers and supports, will give better results.

Therefore, here are 10 recommendations for achieving your goals for this coming year, which with appreciation and respect have been written for people to allow themselves to transcend.


Direct your attention to what you like and what provides you with learning; we put more "desire and enthusiasm" into what motivates us. Remember that this life is full of experiences and decision-making, success will depend on two things, opportunity, and preparation. Dare to decide what, when, where, and why you want it, to have clarity and objectivity.

Remember that questioning is a key point for the achievement of the objectives since it allows us to visualize different scenarios and anticipate situations that we can work with greater ease and improve tools.


Identify your areas of improvement, assume that you are more than just a "worker, friend, mother, father, brother, uncle, son, neighbor, man, woman", you function all at once, there are a variety of roles in your life, be careful to believe that only one is promoted and cared for! the balance between these will be necessary to continue the path of growth and professional and personal development that you are currently carrying; therefore, broadening your horizon will bring more, than if you just stay in a view shortened by what you know of life so far.


Once you know what you want, where you want to go, take the time to select everything that impacts and favors the fulfillment of these goals and objectives; from scenarios, materials, the time required for its fulfillment, as well as the people you want to be involved in it. Remember that it is not about not making mistakes, considering what a student shared with me "many of the mistakes we make are nothing more than the stairway to success".

Make a commitment

Be clear with yourself, assume that you cannot control everything, remembering that "The problem is not you, however, the solution may be in you". Look for solutions, do not allow yourself to get lost in the accumulation of information, expectations, and dreams of others.

Recognize your needs and areas of improvement to work on them, accepting that you are a "perfectly imperfect" human being to demand from yourself what is possible and not what is impossible, always growing a little more than the day before. Assume the responsibility of doing things for yourself and your benefit, so that your material environment and the people around you also benefit from your successes.


Imagine, be adventurous in the face of adversities and tasks that arise, be creative (a) to solve what you live, the best and most productive way possible, even visualize how you will be to have achieved what you set out, "motivation also depends on us.

Be clear with yourself and program your brain to succeed, overcome adversities, consider them as experiences rather than "terrible events or obstacles", consider that your attitude influences your results. What do you want, how do you want it, besides knowing what you are willing to do to achieve it? Remember that there will be things that are not easy, but they don't have to be torturous either. Success is enjoyable.


The key to overcoming challenges and achieving your goals will undoubtedly be to consider the time to organize activities, managing the hours available to devote to your goals. Remember first to cover your basic needs such as food, hygiene, and sleep, that is, dedicate time to prepare and consume your food, self-care such as bathing and grooming, as well as visits with the respective health professionals for your monitoring at different times of your life, finally, rest with quality the required hours of sleep.

Considering the above, you will have the energy to cover other pending issues and succeed in what you set out to do. Do not forget to look for places, actions, and people where you feel you belong, meeting with people to perform some activities that add to your personal growth, do not forget what someone said "walking alone will allow us to get there faster, but if we walk together, we will get further", you decide.


You are free to do what you want, to choose what you want, considering something important, take into account that freedom without responsibility is immaturity, on the other hand, freedom with responsibility is maturity.

Yes, it is true, you have the opportunity to freely choose what to do, how to direct yourself, what to study, what to eat, how to dress, just do not forget that your body and mind need to be educated and cared for, everything you do, ask yourself, what I am about to do or want to do, does it do good to others, does it do good to me? If the answer is no, just do not do it, if the answer is yes, DO IT. Assume that much of what happens around us does not depend on us, but what does depend on us, makes a difference. "If you want the world to change, change yourself first".


Be you, kindly share your convictions, and respect what others have and like to share. Choose which values you want to represent or would like to be represented, assume that the sum of all of them will influence a large part of your decisions. Being of integrity for most is "doing the right thing when no one is looking"; this will be part of your success and achievement of your goals.


As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, to keep you on the path of achieving your goals, it is essential to assume that the body, mind, and soul need to be nourished, not only by the food provided by vitamins, minerals, proteins, but nourish with knowledge, love, experiences, especially with the philosophy of life to share in peace and harmony with others.

Read frequently new articles and books, they will provide you with information and with it the possibility of reaching goals more dynamically and constructively, soak yourself in the different arts that surround us and allow yourself to create new ways of being, being, well being!

Be grateful

Consider that during the time you have dedicated to the fulfillment of your goals there will always be enriching and revealing learnings for us about what we are capable of doing, knowing, sharing, but above all knowing that we are important in this world and in this circumstance called life.

We will have the possibility of making mistakes, without taking this as a justification to allow us not to grow, the best option will always be to learn from our mistakes, taking responsibility for them so we do not stagnate, but take it for what it is, a moment to TRANSCEND.

It is a pleasure to humbly share these recommendations without forgetting that the union of these, will give us the possibility to understand that what is required for the fulfillment of goals and objectives not only at the end or beginning of a year but at any time you decide, it is simply DISCIPLINE.

By Psychologist Verónica Montserrat Pacheco Ortega. Source: Coordination of Student Accompaniment of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara.