Tkemali sauce, the plum-based "Georgian ketchup" recipe

Tkemali is a popular Georgian sauce. It can be poured over fish, pork, potatoes, and yogurt with a sour taste. You may store this multipurpose sauce for a year.

Tkemali sauce, the plum-based "Georgian ketchup" recipe
Tkemali sauce, or "Georgian ketchup," is really produced from plums and has several uses. Image: Wikimedia

Tkemali, also known as "Georgian ketchup," is the most popular sauce in Georgia. It can be poured over fish, meat, potatoes, yogurt, or anything else with a slightly sour taste. Cherry plums can also be used instead of the home-grown plums that are often added in Georgia. We invite you to try this sauce, which can be kept for up to a year and can be used in many ways.

Tkemali sauce recipe


1 kg plums
1 head of garlic
50 g coriander (stems and leaves)
50 g dill (stems and leaves)
20 g blue clover
red paprika powder


Wash the plums thoroughly and place them in a pot filled with water. You need enough water to keep the top of the plums out. Simmer until the plums are soft. When the plums have cooled, drain the contents of the pot through a sieve. The pits and peel are left over. The garlic is crushed in a pestle and set aside. The herbs are also crushed and then sieved through a sieve to form a fine powder.

Bring the sauce to a boil over low heat and add the garlic and herbs, stirring constantly. Season with salt and red paprika powder. Bring the sauce back to a brief boil and strain it into bottles or jars. Store them in a cool, dry place. The tkemali sauce can then be used for a whole year.