Here are 11 strategies for reducing food waste at home

Some helpful suggestions for preventing food waste at home, which can also save you money.

Here are 11 strategies for reducing food waste at home
Methods to lessen the amount of food thrown away at home. Photo by Lenka Dzurendova / Unsplash

According to the United Nations (UN), each consumer wastes 121 kilograms (kg) of food each year, with 74 kg coming from households, 32 from food services, and 15 from retail.

Raising awareness about food loss and waste would help reduce food insecurity. A person is food insecure when he or she lacks regular access to sufficient safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and active and healthy life. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says this could be because there isn't enough food or because people don't have enough money to get it.

11 tips to avoid wasting your food

When you go to the supermarket, tianguis or the place where you buy your food always make a list of what you need, this will prevent you from buying more and in the end, your products expire much faster, an important part of it is to plan correctly.

Plan well the portions of food and ingredients that you will use to prepare your meals, this way you will avoid wasting them and have food to spare, if the end you have a little more you can have it for dinner, eat it again the next day or reuse it to prepare some other dish.

In your cupboard and refrigerator try to put all the products with the most recent expiration date in the front part and all the new products in the back part, you can also use some labels where you incorporate the expiration date (in case of more perishable foods), this way you will be using the ones that are soonest to expire.

If you have food waste do not throw it away and do not leave it so long without eating it, use it to create other dishes, there are many ways, for example, even hibiscus flowers can be used in addition to making fresh water you can cook them and make taquitos.

All Mexicans love reheating, we usually do it at parties and special events; however, if you have leftover food on an ordinary day you can eat it again the next day, so you won't waste it.

Freezing some foods to prevent them from spoiling is a safe way to keep your food and be able to thaw them later, just remember that you can't be freezing and thawing several times.

If you had a family gathering, reunion, or party and you have a lot of food left over that you don't plan to eat or don't know who to share it with, give it to your friends, neighbors, homeless people, or organizations that need to feed more people.

Create your compost with leftover food.

Some waste can be used as compost.

Take care of the temperature of the food and put it where it should go to prevent it from spoiling.

Avoid consuming large amounts of industrialized foods and eat more fresh foods.