Pre-Hispanic Mexico inspires the creation of the video game Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale

The video game Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale is set in the time of the Conquest in cities such as Tulum, Calakmul, Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, and Tenochtitlan.

Pre-Hispanic Mexico inspires the creation of the video game Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale
Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale. Image: Twitter

Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale is a video game based on Aztec and Mayan mythology developed by Meta Studios Creative Agency, based in Tokyo, Japan, and founded by Mexican Guillermo Alarcón, who also serves as creative director.

Mictlantecuhtli, also known as the Lord of the Underworld, was the deity of the Mexica people who, together with Mictecacihuatli, ruled the Mictlan, the place where souls went when people died.

The videogame will follow the life of "Ik", a young Mayan who must travel through the jungles and valleys of the country through the underworld during the XVI century, at the height of the conquest, and the main language will be Mayan.

Throughout the journey, which so far has a 38 km2 map created with the help of Unreal Engine, deities such as Quetzalcoatl (of life and wisdom), Tezcatlipoca (of darkness), and Huitzilopochtli (of war) will intervene.

The video game has been in its development phase for four months with the participation of 40 people, including artists, musicians, and a translator who is adapting the dialogues in Nahuatl, so Guillermo Alarcón revealed in his social networks that a beta is expected to be ready in 2021.

An important success is expected for Mexico, especially because it is the country that consumes the most video games in Latin America and ranks 12th in the world, according to specialists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Adolfo Gracia Vázquez and Emmanuel Galicia Martínez, from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (FCPyS) of the country's highest university, indicated that the greatest consumption point is through the Internet.