Your Off-Road Guide to Puerta Norte's Wine Wonderland

Discover the hidden gem of Mexico's wine country: Puerta Norte. Venture into an untouched garden of Bacchus' delights, from Tecate to Mexicali. From high-altitude vineyards to cosmopolitan Mexicali's culinary scene, Puerta Norte offers a journey of unparalleled experiences.

Your Off-Road Guide to Puerta Norte's Wine Wonderland
The breathtaking view of vineyards at sunset in the Valley of Las Palmas, where the soil and climate conspire to create award-winning wines.

For seasoned wine aficionados, France, Italy, and even Napa Valley may be the go-to spots for sipping the nectar of Bacchus. But it's time to turn your attention to the less-traveled roads of Mexico’s wine country. While these gems might not be on the conventional Wine Route, they offer exquisite vineyards and high-quality vintages that can rival any wine region in the world. Welcome to Puerta Norte—the new gateway to an uncharted garden of Bacchus' delights!

Situated along the Tecate-Mexicali corridor on Federal Highway 2D, Puerta Norte promises a scenic journey with an average temperature of 27 °C (ca. 80.6 °F). Perfect wine-making weather, if you ask us! The lows and highs average at 5 °C (41 °F) and 35 °C (95 °F), respectively.

Traveler’s Tips: If you're considering renting a vehicle, opt for a 4×4 to navigate the region’s rugged roads. Moreover, it's advisable to contact the wineries in advance, as most operate by appointment.