Your Off-Road Guide to Puerta Norte's Wine Wonderland

Discover the hidden gem of Mexico's wine country: Puerta Norte. Venture into an untouched garden of Bacchus' delights, from Tecate to Mexicali. From high-altitude vineyards to cosmopolitan Mexicali's culinary scene, Puerta Norte offers a journey of unparalleled experiences.

Your Off-Road Guide to Puerta Norte's Wine Wonderland
The breathtaking view of vineyards at sunset in the Valley of Las Palmas, where the soil and climate conspire to create award-winning wines.

For seasoned wine aficionados, France, Italy, and even Napa Valley may be the go-to spots for sipping the nectar of Bacchus. But it's time to turn your attention to the less-traveled roads of Mexico’s wine country. While these gems might not be on the conventional Wine Route, they offer exquisite vineyards and high-quality vintages that can rival any wine region in the world. Welcome to Puerta Norte—the new gateway to an uncharted garden of Bacchus' delights!

Situated along the Tecate-Mexicali corridor on Federal Highway 2D, Puerta Norte promises a scenic journey with an average temperature of 27 °C (ca. 80.6 °F). Perfect wine-making weather, if you ask us! The lows and highs average at 5 °C (41 °F) and 35 °C (95 °F), respectively.

Traveler’s Tips: If you're considering renting a vehicle, opt for a 4×4 to navigate the region’s rugged roads. Moreover, it's advisable to contact the wineries in advance, as most operate by appointment.

Your Itinerary

Day 1: Los Chabacanos

Located at km 118 on the Tecate-Mexicali highway, Los Chabacanos offers an oasis of relaxation. Take in the breathtaking views, pamper yourself with spa and temazcal therapies, or kayak in the crystalline lagoon to find peace amid nature.

Day 2: La Rumorosa

En route to Mexicali, La Rumorosa is a must-see. The town is renowned for its surreal rock formations, valleys adorned with ancient cave paintings, and an intriguing site museum. A vista that will likely etch itself into your memory.

Day 3: Los Algodones

Craving adrenaline? The dunes of Los Algodones offer the thrill of sandboarding—a heart-pounding experience that’s fast becoming Mexicali’s trendy sport.

Don't Miss Out!

The tasting season at Puerta Norte begins in June. La Rumorosa’s Campo Alaska site museum is an archeological marvel, and don't forget to sip a Clamato at its birthplace—the Acueducto bar at Hotel Lucerna in Mexicali.

The sun setting over the tranquil lagoon at Los Chabacanos, painting a masterpiece on the canvas of nature.
The sun setting over the tranquil lagoon at Los Chabacanos, painting a masterpiece on the canvas of nature.

The Lay of the Land

Home Base: The Valley of Las Palmas and Tecate

28 km from Tecate lies Don Juan vineyards, celebrated for its commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. The vineyard has gained accolades for its Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and more. Ulloa, Rancho Tecate, San Lorenzo, and Tanamá wineries in Tanamá Valley are also worth exploring. From horseback riding to children’s play areas, they offer more than just wine.

A Detour: San Valentin Valley

This valley is home to Rosa de Castilla Vineyard, where high-altitude vineyards yield unparalleled wines. Casa Veramendi and Viñas San Valentín also offer distinctive wines to tantalize your palate.

Adrenaline meets natural beauty: A sandboarder takes on the majestic dunes of Los Algodones.
Adrenaline meets natural beauty: A sandboarder takes on the majestic dunes of Los Algodones, capturing the adventurous spirit of Puerta Norte.

The Grand Finale: Mexicali

Founded in the early 20th century, Mexicali is a cosmopolitan amalgamation of various cultures, primarily Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and Americans. The city's rich history is echoed through its Civic Center, cathedral, Monument to the Pioneers, and the Pagoda. A cultural hub, it also offers theaters, museums, galleries, and an impressive gastronomic scene.

To sample gourmet dishes paired with Puerta Norte wines, head to La Vendimia restaurant. The wine boutique Cava La Ribö offers a wide array of local vintages you can take home as souvenirs or gifts.

How to Get There?

Tecate is the starting point, and Federal Highway 2D is your route to all these marvelous destinations.

So why follow the beaten path when Puerta Norte beckons you to a new frontier of wine discovery? From unique terroirs and award-winning wines to adrenaline-packed adventures and scenic vistas, Puerta Norte offers a taste of Mexico that you've never experienced before. Get your 4×4 ready and chart a course to this new wine mecca. Cheers! 🍷