From Tecate's Yeasty Treasures to Ensenada's Liquid Gold

Baja California's rich tradition, flavor, and innovation starts in Tecate. From its aromatic breads to its brewing legacy, Tecate is history and relaxation combined. Journeying to Ensenada, the craft beer capital, you'll encounter award-winning breweries. Ensenada dazzles with myriad attractions.

From Tecate's Yeasty Treasures to Ensenada's Liquid Gold
The sunlit streets of Tecate, where tradition meets modernity amidst wafts of freshly baked bread.

Baja California's rich tapestry of tradition, flavor, and innovation is best exemplified in its towns and cities, and what better place to start than the magic town of Tecate? From its aromatic breads and refreshing beer to the arts and crafts, Tecate is the doorway to a memorable journey.


Wake up in Tecate to the comforting scent of traditionally baked bread, distinct in its flavors due to the perfect yeast balance. Founded by Mr. Alberto Aldrete in 1944, the Tecate Brewery stands as a testament to the city's brewing legacy. At this facility, now a part of the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma group, an astonishing 4,000 cans of beer are churned out every minute!