For the second consecutive year, the names Sofía and Santiago were the most popular in Mexico for girls and boys, respectively, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

These names are the most chosen by Mexicans since 2019, leaving behind others that were previously common such as José, Juan, or María Guadalupe. The agency announced that in 2020 more than 400 thousand names were registered, of which 260 thousand were women's and 160 thousand were men's.

Within the births, in the middle of the pandemic, there was a dramatic fall, since respect to 2011 there was a reduction of more than 900 thousand registrations, in addition, the entities that registered fewer babies were Mexico City, State of Mexico, and Sonora, while Chiapas was the state with more births followed by Guerrero and Zacatecas.

The top 10 ranking of names for women is headed by Sofía, followed by María José, Valentina, Ximena, Regina, Camila, María Fernanda, Valeria, Renata and Victoria. While for the boys there is Santiago, Mateo, Sebastián, Leonardo, Matías, Emiliano, Diego, Miguel Ángel, Daniel and Alexander.

There are other names that did not enter the top 10 but are gaining popularity, among them Zidane for boys, as well as Abby, Scarlett and Zyanya for girls.

Regarding those registered during the past year, INEGI revealed that September is the month with the highest number of births with 9.2% of the total; the next two months with the highest number of newborns are January and August with 8.9%. In the rest of the months, there is a report of between 7.7% and 8.6%.

The report of the dependency also points out life expectancy, which has increased considerably, since in 1930 people lived an average of 34 years; 40 years later in 1970 this indicator stood at 61; in 2000 it was 74 and in 2019 it was 75 years.