What are the most profitable businesses in Cancun?

Here are some ideas of profitable sectors in which to invest in Cancun such as construction, real estate, restaurants, and transportation services.

What are the most profitable businesses in Cancun?
Cancun. Photo by Donato Gamboa / Unsplash

What 40 years ago was only a tropical paradise known by a few, today is one of the most visited vacation destinations in Latin America. This makes Cancun one of the most diverse markets with the greatest potential to establish one of the most profitable businesses in the region.

This city in Quintana Roo is an ideal and prosperous destination to make your projects a reality. Last June alone, the Cancun International Airport attracted 627,283 tourists, which means that it has a 44.5% share of international tourism in Mexico, and of course, one of the most diverse markets in the country.

Its economy in the tourism sector is characterized for being very attractive for visitors, competitive for the country, and very profitable for entrepreneurs. Here are some ideas of sectors in which to invest in this city:


Although the pandemic greatly affected the construction sector in Cancun, the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry affirmed that during the past year construction companies regained confidence and resumed projects that had been suspended or postponed due to the spread of Covid-19.

Assuring that in the first half of 2021, 52 construction projects have requested their evaluation in Environmental Impact Matters, almost double the number of those that were entered in the whole of 2020. If you have ample capital to enter this sector, remember that in Cancun there is a great demand for housing that could be covered with your services.

Real Estate Agent

Hand in hand with the construction sector, another great opportunity for those who do not want to invest so much capital, is the real estate services. Every year a great number of foreigners and foreigners arrive looking for legal advice on renting, buying, and selling real estate, etc. A market opportunity that could be covered with your services.


The large influx of visitors who are simply looking for a great vacation will be an ideal opportunity to offer them an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Whether your niche market is more focused on luxury tourism or for those who are looking for a more local experience.

Transportation Services

Although Cancun has a very modern and well-connected infrastructure, the truth is that it is somewhat complicated for visitors to get around if they do not have a car. Therefore, transportation services are a great business opportunity, whether it is renting or even offering transfers to different sites and tourist attractions.