What are the most dangerous areas in Cancun?

The high rate of robberies and other crimes that are committed in these regions of Cancun is partly attributable to the fact that these neighborhoods are known to be trafficking hotspots for illegal substances.

What are the most dangerous areas in Cancun?
Where in Cancun should one avoid going if they don't want to get hurt? Photo by Joseph Barrientos / Unsplash

From the capital city to tourist areas such as Cancun, in Quintana Roo, where, according to the Cancun Public Safety Secretariat (SSP), there are currently two regions that are considered "the most dangerous" in the paradisiacal destination.

The insecurity in these areas is due to the frequent crimes related to the sale of narcotics as well as the robbery of passers-by. Regions 249 and 251 are considered the most dangerous by local authorities, and in 2022 they will occupy the first two places in crime.

In the first of these regions, just last August 11, the murder of a 16-year-old girl was recorded, when a man and a woman who were armed arrived at the corner of Isla Holbox and Isla Magdalena and attacked her and her companion with guns, killing the girl and wounding the other teenager in the abdomen and leg.

On August 2, a man was shot in the face with a firearm, which left him in a delicate state of health. The incident was registered in the Paseos del Mar subdivision, corresponding to Region 251.

This list is joined by regions 248, 259, 247, and 260, which are considered the "slums of Cancun", where high numbers of intentional homicides, robberies, injuries, and gunshots are registered.

In these areas are the most dangerous subdivisions, such as Villas Otoch Paraíso, Paseos Kusamil, Prado Norte, Paseos del Mar, Subdivision Villas del Mar Plus, and Subdivision Ciudad Natura. The SSP of Cancun assured us that it currently has increased surveillance in these areas through prevention and police presence.

What crimes are committed in these areas?

Tourists are not usually direct targets of murders, but they can be collateral victims of shootings. On the other hand, they are often victims of crimes such as:

Robberies and thefts, sometimes at gunpoint.
Kidnapping for money (they are forced to take money out of ATMs)
Virtual kidnapping (claiming to have kidnapped a family member for ransom).
Rackets during roadblocks
Robbery of cars and roadblocks on less traveled roads.
Sexual assaults on women traveling alone