These are the ten most common surnames in Mexico

From Hernandez to Cruz, surely you know someone with one of these surnames, or you have the same last name.

These are the ten most common surnames in Mexico
Hundreds of thousands of people in Mexico share the same last name. Credit: Anelale Nájera / Unsplash

If you are one of those people who complain that you have a "widespread" surname, this is more recurrent than it seems since they derive from a Spanish and indigenous origin.

The National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi) compiled data on the most popular surnames within the Mexican Republic between the years 2017 to 2020. Below is the list of the most popular in the country.

The most common surnames in Mexico


This surname is the most common in Mexico, its origin is Spanish, and its meaning comes from the proper name Hernán or Hernando. In the country, 671,972 people registered during the mentioned period with this surname.


It has pre-Roman origins and is patronymic. In medieval records, this surname appears in the Latin form Garsea. Although there is another version of its meaning that states: 'prince of graceful sight'. In Mexico, there are about 458,788 people registered with this surname.


It is originally from Spain, meaning it comes from the name Martín. In the Mexican Republic, there are 447,073 registered with it.


With 412 247 registrations, this surname is the fourth most common in Mexico. Its origin is also Spanish, and its meaning comes from the name Lope which means lupus in Latin, that is, wolf.


It is another patronymic name of Spanish origin; its meaning comes from the proper name Gonzalo, a proper name of Visigothic origin, based on the Germanic element gunp, which means 'battle'. There are 352,650 people with this surname in our country.


Number six on the Inegi list, also from Spain but with Sephardic Jewish origins, comes from the proper name Pedro, which means 'stone'. In the country, there are 332,048 Mexicans with this surname.


Another surname of Spanish and Portuguese origin: is patronymic which comes from the proper name Rodrigo. According to statistics, there are 293,437 people with this surname.


The Spanish surname is Sánchez; it comes from the name Sancho, which means 'Saint' in Latin. There are 288,543 records in Mexico with this famous surname.


There are 258,411 people registered in the country with this surname. Its origin is patronymic and comes from the name Ramiro; it is composed of two Germanic elements ragin, which means 'council', and mari or meri, which means 'fame'.


And to close the list, we find Cruz, with 204,640 records of the people who lived in the towns whose names had the word Cruc or Cruz.