Luxury investment in Los Cabos set to expand

Given the high perception of national and international security, Los Cabos will continue to receive high-caliber investments, according to Jesús Corral, economist, and businessman of Los Cabos.

Luxury investment in Los Cabos set to expand
Investment of the highest standard of luxury will continue to flow to Los Cabos. Photo by James Wheeler / Unsplash

Jesús Corral, economist, and businessman of Los Cabos, in an interview for CPS Noticias and Tribuna de Los Cabos, stated that Los Cabos will undoubtedly continue to receive high-level investment since, at a national and international level, the destination is a guarantee of security.

"I believe that, if investments will continue to arrive in Los Cabos, in good amounts, in important quantities, one of the factors that most affect investment is security and it is perceived nationally and internationally as a very safe destination, ready to continue receiving investments," he said.

Regarding the type of investments, Jesús Corral explained that these can be commercial or residential real estate, condominiums, or mid-level buildings.

Likewise, he said, "there are luxury developments, which are also investing very important amounts, because there is a migratory flow of people looking for a second home or to convert Los Cabos into their first home and leave the one abroad as their second home and they are investing in these developments, developments that are fundamentally in the Cabo San Lucas-San José corridor and in some important proportion also, near Cabo Pulmo".

He emphasized that this type of investment is undoubtedly consolidated in the municipality since real estate projects are progressing and go hand in hand with the commercial sector since it is not possible to create housing without business.

"We have to give people food, we have to give them services, we have to give them entertainment and all this goes hand in hand with real estate development, so yes, I see Los Cabos doing very well at least for the next 5 to 10 years, that is, in the medium and long term".

Finally, the Los Cabos businessman pointed out that investment will probably falter while the authorities of the three levels of government make the social infrastructure of the municipality grow, since situations such as inefficient roads, over-saturated treatment plants and the problem of garbage disposal are something that affects everyone, regardless of social class, so it is urgent to act as soon as possible.